Short talk:

I really don’t want the days to pass 😦 Please don’t…


Hello Hi.. 😀

It’s time to blog. Sorry for not hapdet-ting my blog for so long oledy… Ngee~~ Quite a hectic life for the past few days. Hectic cause I’m still blurr with my work. And am still excited at the fact that I have brought Mr QRE3752 here with me in Kuching. Yayay!

I have not master the road in Kuching so my jalan-jalan just limited to Sejingkat area, and to and fro my house to Elsie’s (Demak to Tabuan Laru). Hehe. Funny right? I’ve got myself lost 3 times oledy, and one extra pusing2 the roundabout (not 3 yer Prince.. ekeke). Hurm.. slowly but surely! My target is to master Kuching road in this 5 coming months. Depends on how often I lepak with Elsie. Hehe.

I have moved to a new rented house. Praise God! I like :D. Before moving, I always complaining of not being able to cook. But since I have moved in, I have only cooked twice. Maggi and telor hangus. Oh no.. Meli, I’ve lost my cooking ability (or is it Petronas gas yang sot?? Haha. Bias biasss… Say yes to Shell kan Elsie kan… Weee :D)

Sometime next week (or this Friday), I need to decide whether or not to continue in this Oil and Gas industry. Or.. should I change to energy instead? Energy ka nama nya?? Hurm… Susa susa…

Neway, the only photo I have with my sis-in-law to be 😀

Jus and Shan :D

Jus and Shan 😀

(Laku anak laki Ranson Malaka.. anak indu ja enda. Sob sob.. Ekeke)

To Celing.. Nah, your gambar..

Benjy and White.. best fren when they get older :P

Benjy and White.. best fren when they get older 😛

White was thinking “This is how I looked like…”

Benjy and White never have been this close to each other before. Kling’s hypothesis: They are both getting old and mamau.. so most probably they thought that they are of the same species.

Kikiki.. Merapu da.. Abaikan~~~ 😛 Lalalalala~~

Nite everyone and be blessed always.. God loves you and me…  It’s just the matter of your readiness to receive His overflowing blessings 😀 So open up ok…




Short talk:

You know what? My Bear got dandruff!! For those who doesn’t know Bear, he’s my asuk@dog@ukoi@anjing. What else? Pusak? Hehe. Nola..

I’ll get him Head and Shoulders next time. Tehee..

My Bear is sick at the moment 😦 Please pray for him OK. He ate very little these few days. We scared he termakan tikus yang dah diracun 😦


Haih.. pahal la tenet tok… Cam rugi jak bayar every month. Huh! Tonite line OK 🙂 Yayay! I really miss my blog..

Since I’m abit addicted with blogging and reading people’s blog, sanggup I read thru the phone. Hehe. Although not as best as on laptop. That’s why my phone keep on ‘drying’ these few days. Haha. Topup jer~

I remember I wrote a post yesterday but it wasn’t in the computer when I tried looking for it. Did I forget to save it before I close the Words.. Haih.. Penat jerk…

Anyway, today is the fourth day of sports. Penat siutt.. 7am-6.30pm (If possible mau seja saya landing terus balek2 from school!!landing-miak teknik yang ajar. Ngee..). Very short break in the noon and I went to the bank to open a new account. For gaji masuk this month 😛 It’s been days the Principal has been continuously confront the person in charge of this thing, and I try to help him settle the things as soon as possible. Penat kena BOM seja kan.. Huhu. And it was super duper hot today. No wonder it rains with the lightning suddenly late this evening. Huhu. Hurm.. I hope I don’t get sunburn and nosebleed tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day of sports T_T No rest this weekend. No wake-up-late weekend routine. Hehe. And my homework for this weekend is not done yet. AAaaaaAaaaaa… (tarzan version) Ngee~~ There’s special sport event for the teachers tomorrow. I hope I’m not forced to take part. Segan la mau lari 100 meter. Haha. Sot~

Walopon tired siutt… I have fun 😀 Best! I enjoyed the companies, I enjoyed the view (lawak.. and reminds me of the past time kicik2. Ngee..) The teachers have good sense of humors I can laugh all day long. Haha. And the budak, everytime sampai garis penamat, pengsan.. Haha (jaik akal Cikgu ni oo..kuikui:P) But seriusss!!!!!!! Salu ka hal pengsan2 tok? Or yang just dibuat2??? huhuhu. Last time in Primary School, cam tak pernah pengsan pongg..Ngee..Me? Dont ask la.. Maloo mau cita.. Overweight child.hehe. At the moment, my rumah sukan is at the last place. Huhu. Malooo.. But pedulik la~~  Oh.. when we were about to go back, there’s this one girl talking to me. Our conversations:

Girl:  Cikgu, saya minat kat Cikgu la..

Me: Hahhhhh????? Takut saya (nang otomatik.sapa x tkejut ba nak..)

Girl: Bukan apa.. Sebab Cikgu lemah lembut.

Hurm.. OK.. 😛 You tatau lagi me macam mana… Hahahah. Kan Effa? Shamil? Nawar? Zatul? and sapa2 yang dah kenal I for more than a year? Huhu. But dapat la jugak rasa glamm.. wahaha. Ngeng~~:P

I try to remember what I wrote yesterday.. So far, after 10 days in Layar, I think I can adapt well, at least that is what I think. I can get along with almost everyone. But not the Principal. He ‘gangs’ to no one. Huhu. It’s hard to see him smile. Expressionless. I doubt he’ll get your joke if you said something silly to him. Huhu. OK2. I’ll think positive la.. He smiles in his heart 😛

Going to sleep early tonight. Tomorrow starts at 7am againnn T_T Sob sob..

Oh yea…Valentine!! It’s valentine eh.. I’m so excited. Pahal ka?? Beng~~ Bila la I can meet that future ‘someone’ ooOOOooo??? *sigh*

Gdnite and have a great weekend! 😀