It’s 20 minutes to 12am 15th February 2010. It’s almost end of Valentine’s Day. Has been paying extra attention to my phone the whole day today, hoping that this one particular person will wish me Valentine, but… *sighhh….* I guess it’s time to really just stop hoping for things that are not there šŸ˜¦ Tired… Huhuhuhu. Hahahahaha. Hihihihihi.


Malas kuh~~~ O_o

aum aummm...

Neway, it’s the year of the tiger, so bye2 to ox. Hehehe. Spent my CNY at Grandma’s house. The first thing my Ama noticed about me yesterday was “Wa.. Ah Shan.. pui pui liao leh” T_T Uwaaa…. have I put on weight??? Biar la…who cares anyway…

Malas kuh~~~ o_O

Nite and be blessed. Oh.. I know. He cares šŸ˜€


Feb 2010 Rambles

Sudden thought:

Everyone has problems but I respect most the individuals who manage to get through their disastrous moments undisturbed, remain intact and peppermint cool, far from being agitated, came out safe and sound, with that endless smile still perfectly embroidered on their lips. Hehe. Superb!!! šŸ˜€

And some of you readers are undoubtedly part of these superb people, and I definitely want to be like you.. šŸ™‚


Rusty. My brain rusts, and my English was like super rusty :O Guess it’s time for me to spend more time reading and blogging? Blogging.. hurm.. I better don’t say I’ll blog more from now on. Depends on my mood ;p Hehe.

My Secret Hiding Place. Maybe it’s not really a good title for this blog, since the things I spilled in here were not secrets anyway. I might change back to my Over A Cup of Regular 3-in-1 Nescafe. Sounds nicer and more mature right? ;p Herherher. And less cheesy… Tsskkkk…

This morning, I felt a bit uncomfortable. My supervisor was like so super nice to me, and it did scare me a little as recently there’s some not-so-good rumors going around about him among ourselves. Better not tell, as there’s possibilities that the rumors are not true. Hehe. And since my recent life principle is “Badan Berkecuali” šŸ˜€ , not siding anyone, gives a 10cents, blurry look and go ahead with my own life šŸ™‚ —-> Bahagia… ;p Herherher. Oh.. back to that supervisor story. We were chitchatting about works, and about my Batang Ai trip last week, and suddenly came out this Qs from his mouth at the almost end of conversation, “Are you OK?”, “Do you have any problem?” with that indescribable concern looks (awww….) And I was like terkesima, terkejemum (instinct ku madah there is such a word walopon in reality, there’s no such word :S ), jaws dropped, blurrr, eyes wide opened (enough description? ;p).. Erk.. huh? Initially I thought he was asking about the travelling, so I just said OK.. I like cause that was the best first ever travelling, staying overnight I have ever done since i started working as a real worker (since I moved to Kuching last year.. will story tell more about that trip in the next post). But then.. he said not about travelling, but personally, am I OK? For the 2nd time, terkejemum lagik O_o And I replied slowly and sentimentally, “Yeaa…. why?..” (Lam hati, pahal??!pahal???! pahal??????!!) Then he explained something like… I looked less hyper today? Monyok seja macam munyet tua… Ya meh? Hehe. I just wanted to be matured and people start worrying. Haha. Funny. So how? With increasing workloads and in the process of applying what I have learnt from Him into daily practices, how can I balance naughty little and monyok old monkey personalities at the same time? Hehe.

Malas kuh… malas da ku mok lalek… gohet gohet seja kan… janji bahagia~~ šŸ˜€ Lalala…….

I'm a coffee lover.. bahagia~~ šŸ˜€

Nite and be blessed šŸ˜€

Hepi New Year!

Happy New Year guys!! šŸ˜€

Wishing u the best of blessings this year. Grab them and don’t reject cause they are totally FREE! Herherher šŸ˜€

Since it’s the first day of 2010, I wish to write before the clock struck to 12am. Am not going to continue the previous post, but I just want to copy paste parts of my-friend-and-I’s conversation earlier today. We’re not very close to each other and just talk in Facebook and today, out of the blue, she messaged me in Facebook. It’s so good to have this thing which we call internet right? Hehe.

She asked for advice from me so I gave some imperfect thoughts which I hope can help her. And help me at the same time šŸ™‚ And might help you too šŸ™‚

Miss Tuttut: hi shan.. sori tiba2 msg nuan. bc utai ka dipadah. aku rasa nuan jak faham. hhmm.. shan.. how 2 let go someone from our heart? i let go someone yg terlalu manah ngagai aku n then diatu aku nyesal. udah diatu ia enda layan aku shan.. sedih mai… kati ka lupakan ia? hhmm..sori shan ngacau nuan…

Me: hi Tuttut.nadai hal.suka ku ulih msg šŸ™‚ uhm..pedis owh.. kadang2 nuan rasa ok x igt ya, n then nuan x kesah hubungan kitak duai x rapat baka suba,tp kadang2 sakit nya datai br.nuan engai igt k iya, tp still ga datai baru lam palak owh.brp kali lam sehari nuan madah,”okeh..udah tu aku changed,enda gik aku hold onto this guy,just go with the flow.nti we are for each other,x ke mana ga jodoh tu ila”..but still,datai ga baru pedis nya from time to time owh.. memang susah la..

maya sakit nya datai br kan,uji nuan igt ga,dah ka period ka nuan time nya?laban salu time nyak la rasa emo least maya nuan nemu yg nuan dah ka period, bc asai control mimit la pedis nya.n then try to distract urself engau utai bukai.

tp kdg2 kediri2 pon datai ga sakit nya. how to let go? uhm..ku rasa mmg susah la Tuttut(msti nuan rasa hati nuan tetutup k mana2 guys diatu kan).it needs time..lamakkkkk….. especially when u hv that sense of regret ti kala diadu nuan engau ya suba. but bc siti cara la ku rasa quite bkesan.. laban ku kala coba.nuan pray k urang nya. nuan pray awa k ya bahagia n hepi. engau ati ti betul k.n then mintak kekuatan ari God. maya nya nuan ulih ngasai tenang gik šŸ™‚ n then igt yg love Iya jauh besai gik ari love mensia. it’s a bit “religious” ga la.. but this is so true. huhu. buat masa tok mmg ku rasa nadai cara bukai yg base on kekuatan mensia ti tau ngubat pedis tok.huhu.

so from time to time,nuan remind dirik mpu yg love Iya jauh gik lebey besai keh.n tunggu jak.penting mai time tok.tau amik masa singkat,tau amik masa panjaiiiiii… macam2 tau jadi lam masa singkat, nuan x nemu apa akan jadi in few months time,few weeks time?or in few days time? nemu ya kontek nuan nemu nuan temu org lain?mayoh possibilities.just hope for the best for u keh.ukai hope ngagai org nya, hope towards Iya šŸ˜€

duh complicated mai..arap2 ku nulong la..anang2 dah keluar topik neh…sori Tuttut nti bc salah silap ku lam advice tok.but be strong k!Tuttut can do it!!! šŸ˜€

That was the original version of our conversation, except that the name of the certain character has been change as to respect the one’s privacy šŸ˜› Keskes…. Hope you can understand Iban language, not so much different from BM right? As well as some abbreviations. Hehehe.

Anything else that you wanna share? Any advice or comments are so much welcomed.

Nite and have a blessed 2nd day of the year.. šŸ˜€

Towards the year end

Hello šŸ™‚

It was just yesterday that I drove to Kuching from Betong, and again tomorrow after work going back to Betong again (at least that is the plan for now) Oh dear.. tired. But janji happy! šŸ™‚

2 days left before it’s 2010. Normally, just like habit, it’s time for us to reminisce back what had happen for the past long 12 months. Some are bitter moments, and some are sweet.. Are you surprise with how some mega things can happen/change in just 1 year? I am. I am surprise (WHoaaa :O ). I mean.. for example, when you think back what you did on 29th Dec 2008, you might be surrounded by this particular group of people, and today in year 2009.. you find that you’re doing some other routine surrounded by new group of people. Hehe (Understand ka? Complicated eh… :S ). But no matter what happen, no matter what things that have change, I want to keep believing that things happen for a reason. Things happen for a change. Especially the bad and frustrating ones. Otherwise, life will be not like how life is like now. Kan geng ku kan??? Hekhekhek. Ohh pening…

Have you guys listed down your new year resolutions? Hehe. Every new year we did the same things and most of the time, the same points are repeated every year. Hahahaha. Including mine šŸ˜› :

  1. Saya to lose weight at least 5 kg. Kurang kan kulit manok KFC šŸ˜›
  2. Saya to be punctual in every event. Especially to office.
  3. Saya to let it go. *Complicated too personal to explain*

For now, those are the top three resolutions. I’m sure there will be additional ones in the near future šŸ˜€

Ohh.. Before the year ends I actually learnt something from my stoopidity. I dunno why but recently there’s a lot of ‘kumbang’ flying bzz bzzzz around me. Hope you know what I mean šŸ˜› And.. I was too blurr to realize (I hope I am not the one that perasan lebeh) until one sunny Sunday afternoon, met this one kumbang after church meeting. Since he’s the church member, I didn’t think twice šŸ˜¦ and stoopidly gave my phone number to him when he asked for it. It’s OK to be friend I don’t mind, I like ma.. but he kept on calling and texting few days after that it freaked me out. Takotttt… So all his calls and messages were left unanswered šŸ˜› Sori friend, you failed my Level 1 test of not being patient. Herherher.

To be continued it almost 1am..mau punctual le katakan….. zZZZZzzzz

Nite and be blessed! šŸ˜€

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Hurra hurra..

Short note:

šŸ™‚ :> šŸ˜€ XDĀ  <—— they are merely emoticons, but do they really can show real emotions?


Christmas mood is everywhere now šŸ™‚ It almost end of the year. 2010 is coming. And my age number is going to be 25. Oh wow!! Hehehe. Neway, it just a number but my inner self will be owez 18.. a matured 18. Tskk tskkk XD

2009. If compared to 2008, more ‘down’s moment than the ‘up’s. Started since March.. and then keep on decreasing till I dunno when. Hehe. But I want to put my trust in Him. The needs to persevere, and now I can foresee a glimpse of the ‘up’s light in my dark cold tunnel. Yay!

Yesterday I received good news from my second brother. He’ll be back to work in Kuching starting early February. On the 14th to be exact. Valentine day šŸ˜€ (Wonder am I going to be single still by that time? Most probably yes… :S) So.. I have to seriously look for a house to rent starting from tomolo šŸ˜€ . Preferably in Kuching area where it is easier for us to go out at night (and not terkurung like me for the past few months šŸ˜¦ *sigh* ) Bertahan saya! Chaiyok2. 2 more lonely months to go, 2 more months of being scared of nothing šŸ˜› (that nothing is thunder, lightning, cerita momok di TV and bla bla bla)…. and things will turn out better šŸ™‚ Hopefully! *Anang nuan kontrol ku Celing keh.. Sometimes ku ka ronggeng lite2 ga šŸ˜› Heeee….*

*Huargghhh* Sleepy.. Gdnite all and hepi weekend šŸ™‚

Monday Morning

Morning all.. šŸ™‚ Have you started your day with a smile? Hehe.

*Tengah tahan diri from writing “It’s been ages since I last blog”. Cause it appears in almost all of my posts. Hehe. Uwekkk muntah… Tsk tsk… XD*

Today I came in late to the office. Super duper late. Due to unavoidable circumstances. Since this is my secret hiding place, I will just tell you why (In the hope that not more than 5 people knows about this so-called secret šŸ˜› ) I burnt my trousers this morning, leaving a triangle shape hole (blame it on the iron, not me not me. I’m a good housewife OK… šŸ˜› ). And since I stayed over at Elsie’s place (panjang cerita. but can dipendekkan.. my house owner came over the weekend and they’re going back later to Spaoh (the husband and their 15 year old son), so apa lagik.. larikkk…. hehehu *sigh šŸ˜¦ * ) I only brought along this one trouser specially for blacky Monday. As a result, bangun awal pon tak guna. Still late and today is the day I pecah rekod in my SEB lateness history. Hihi. Is there such a thing? XD Tsk tskk tskkk…

Neway, work is getting interesting I like. My boss has started chasing me around, like how he did with the others. And I have already travelled once, just a day trip to Semadang. Passed by Berkely longhouse, and reminded me with sweet memolies of Gel’s wedding in December 2008. Oh wow! Almost one year anniversary for you both. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you both! šŸ˜€

Can’t wait for another chance for travelling. The problem is just that they always send people to ulu2. Like one of my colleagues. He went to Long Lama somewhere in Miri last week. Is it near to your place Prince? Long Lama, Long Tengoa. Both ada Long Long. Walo papa pon.. I’m getting excited!!! Gegegegege XD

OK. Enough of merapu-rapu. Will upload some photos of Semadang later2.

Take care and God bless… šŸ™‚

Weekend in Betong

OK.. the mood is here šŸ™‚ I dunno why the blogging mood comes when I am in Betong. Why eh… Hehe. Am blogging while playing Cafe World. Hehe. Buang tabiat… Am now renovating and decorating the cafe to look nicer. Ekekeke. Yay! Now I have a pet. Not a dog, not a cat, not a penyuk, not a hamster, but a visual cafe. Huahaha. What an addiction! Ngee…

Elsie and Shirley left for Kuching earlier. They just spent one night in Betong, and they were so overwhelmed with dabai and durians. I am sure that their Myvi will be fulled with both fruits once they have reach Kuching later.Ā  Ngehehehe. It just took us few minutes to round around Betong yesterday, took few pictures.. And then went to Church Dinner last night šŸ™‚ A lot of pictures taken but they are all not with me, Shirley took most of them. Hehe.

Nice view of Betong’s Putra Jaya šŸ™‚ with the blue2 sky…

Planned to meet my friends today but feeling a bit tired so… decided to just stay at home and do some dreamings…Ā  hee…

Anyway, to friends who are in Kuching, this whole weekend Sarawak Energy Berhad has this event called ‘Hari Bersama Pelanggan’. Do visit if you are planning to go to Spring today or tomorrow. Hehe.

Wish you good weekend šŸ™‚



Happy Friday

Hello šŸ™‚

Sorry for not updating for so long dee. Yala Hafsha ba… kata jarang dikota.. kan Prince kan.. Hehehe. What to do. Taik kambing suda boolattt… šŸ˜›

Neway, today was not that bad. Had this 5S activities in the office, and what excite the most was that we can actually asked for refreshment. Hehehe. Our Kak Tity ordered Pizza and KFC and we spent like 90% of our afternoon office hours with eating and chatting. Hehehehe. It took us little time to clean up the whole office. Wa.. so nice eh… Hihi I like.


everyone busy cleaning..ngee~

And then, I reached home just to find this kitty2 sat on the pink sofa outside my house šŸ™‚


miow miow. ngee~~

OK, more story to come. I am going out soon to Spring. Jalan2 alone looking for workbook in MPH. Have to cause tomorrow is my first day teaching tuition to some primary school pupils and I have no idea what their syllabus are. Hehe. Primary ba… Aiyak… Hope they will like me šŸ˜€

Happy weekend all!! šŸ˜€

Friends’ Wedding

Lina's Wedding

Bro and Sis I dearly miss..


How on earth could I forgot their wedding šŸ˜¦ . Till I saw their photos in a friend’s facebook. David and Lina, they both mean a lot to me, they were the ones that have taken good care of me when I was in Ulu Kapit. Their parts in shaping me of what I am today, are so huge indescribable (Dave water baptised me in King’s šŸ™‚ ). The first few years in Ulu Kapit, I can still remember clearly, all the sweet and bitter moments. Hehe. Thanks Bro. Thanks Sis. You are both wonderful, amazing people in my life šŸ™‚ Wish you both happiness in God’s abundant love šŸ™‚

Lina's Wed 2

Lina's Wed 3

Most people around me (around my age) have found their other halves. Everyone is planning their engagements, their weddings (and some are to get married soon.. very very soon. Congrats Firah šŸ™‚ ). Dreaming of their wedding rings, wedding gowns etc. (and that is you, Theresa. Though I know you’re not reading this blog šŸ˜› And you too, Nawar šŸ™‚ ) And even some are expecting babies (Congrats, Najid&Liza and Intan&Wan šŸ™‚ ), and already have babies. Congrats Mike and wife šŸ™‚ Bahagia nya… šŸ˜€

I wonder when is my turn.. To feel that ‘feeling’. A feeling of being loved and took care of. Huhu. I wonder where is my Knight now? Is it too hard for you to find me? God, let our paths cross… šŸ˜› Or.. are you actually someone that I already know? But I can’t think of anyone that can possibly like/love me šŸ˜¦

Is there something wrong with me? Be honest… Hehe.

OK.. enough of merepek tonight. Jiwang karat? Maybe it’s now almost that time of the month. Unstable mind šŸ˜›

(Ahh.. budu iklan cerita antu tok.. Tekacau semangat ku kejap. fuh~~ Hehe)

Nite šŸ™‚

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