Short note:

Wah.. alot of people online today in facebook chat!


Switched mine as offline cause i want to concentrate on writing in here.

Focus~~ Focus~~

Let it flow… Let the ideas flow… T.T

I need to do this as I realized that recently I have become more blurr than ever.. :O *mouth wide open* And the mind goes blank easily.


Am alone at home. Again. Throughout April 😦 Bro went for a course for this one whole month (endless course la these people.. ggrrr… but it’s good actually as he can meet the wife every weekend. Kemaruk chenta ba… Hehe) And am now locking myself in the room. Feeling scared? No la… Just abit but the bit just end there. I am used to living alone on my own, since I dunno when.. :/ Who said I’m not scared…  😛 Especially when there’s funny2 noises at the back or outside or inside.. (urrggghhh… T.T) But that was only at initial stage everytime. Then I will remind myself that I shouldn’t be scared. Cause I am well protected. As long as I believe that I am 🙂 Wee~ I always want to imagine myself to be in a balloon. A balloon with the most elastic material you can get. So anything that wants to disturb or kacau you, will be toink-ed out by the balloon with no mercy. Herher. So you’ll remain intake and safe and sound at the end of the day… lalala 😀 Just like what the Words was saying this morning 🙂

just like a bear in a balloon.. please omit the 'baby girl' words, seems like this is the best image i can get from the internet. hihi.

Well protected from: evils, devils, being poor meaning insufficient in needs, accidents, charms, any kind of attack, heart breaks, illness, disease, stress, worries, thunder and lightning, bla bla bla.. pendek kata all the bads la.. huhu.

And I want to bring all my belongings inside, and all my friends too~ 😀 to be well protected! 🙂 Safe and sound. Wee~

Charms. Or witchcrafts. From what I have learnt from colleagues, sometimes our work will require us to go travelling to rural areas (as the mission is to supply electricity to rural areas tek kan.. ) and there are stories and stories about people being charmed during their visits. Sounds scary, but this is when this balloon2 thing is applied. Not to be scared cause you are well protected! Toink! 😀 Wee~~

Uhm.. Actually I want to talk more but I better go to sleep now as I don’t have my alarm clock (Mr Bro) for this whole month. Tehee. And I was late everyday last week to office T.T

To be continued with different story tomorrow.

Good night and God bless… 😀 He rocks! 😛


1 Comment

  1. shamila said,

    May 13, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    shan, cantek layout baru tok…suka ku!! hehe

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