Short talk:

I want to perm hair πŸ˜›

awww.. i like~~ πŸ˜› and that green eyes.. hurm.. i oso want πŸ˜› *kenjet mode*

but not now..


Anyway, I have funny story to tell. Hihi. This weekend was like other weekends too. And as usual, went out on Friday and Saturday nights although no plans are planned. Boorrrinnngggggg… but still it feels like something is wrong if I stay in during the weekend’s nights. Hehehe. So at least went out for dinner and chitchatting. Just talk about anything, and laugh about everything. Hahaha.

Let starts with Friday night. Hehehehe. *Belom start cerita, ku dah tetak. Kuikuikui.* So, on that special Friday night, went out with Elsie. No special plan, just having dinner at After 3. Hehe. Our port πŸ˜› Just both of us initially since Mr Zack went bowling with friends (even bowling pon, tak semangat da.. huhuhu. So we didn’t join the group.) Earlier that day, I received an sms from a friend who was my colleague in Brooke. Herherher. She was asking when I am free as we need to catch up with each other. Kind of weird as we never been that close before, but she’s a nice lady and fun to be with. Age 30++ I guess. Then, in her last part of the sms, she mentioned that she wanted to introduce me to someone. Curious, I asked who, at first I thought should be someone who might know me, or her friend wanted to offer me job elsewhere *advance kan my imaginasi πŸ˜› haha* Then, found out that the person is her uncle, a lecturer in UITM. Apparently, she and the family want to find a lady for that uncle. :O oOOooooo……. *mau pengsan saya.Why me?? T_T *. But what to do… kotan mau jaga hati kawan, OK-OK seja :S huhu. She even gave my number to the Uncle without me knowing. Hurmm.. what to do.. taik kambing suda boolattt… huhuhu.

Later that afternoon, he sms-ed me. Layan light2 seja la.. kotan mau jaga hati kawan tadik kan.. He even asked what plan do I have for that night. Didn’t answer. Takootttt… :S

And guess what happened… that night since we both Elsie were already mati akal of what to do, contacted that guy and asked whether he’ll be able to lepak together. Although he’s an uncle to a 30++ friend, there’s possibility tipis2 that he is still young right… That was what we thought, and hope for. Wekekeke. Luckily it was already 9 something when we decided to ask him out. Hahahaha. And he reached there around 10.15pm. During the wait, a lot of creative ideas exchanged between us trying to picture how he looks like… *we are the creative imaginators <— ada ka this word? :P* Wakakaka.

Unfortunately… unfortunately… *thinking of how shall I describe him* he’s the one that we wished he was not. Paham ka? Huhuhu. Age 40++ I think and all he talked about was work, bla bla bla work… 😦 Uh ohh.. most of the time we kept silence, and Elsie dok layan handphone. Huhuhu. What a relief when the bill came, meaning it’s time to go back. Herherher. 11pm.

Due to sudden shock, we decided to just end that Friday night. Go back and sleep. Huhu.

Ait.. dah pukul 12 something.. weekend stories to be continued.. *wink*

Have a blessed week, my dearest friends and Goodnite! πŸ˜€


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