Talk light2…

Settled all things/chores at 9pm before I can play internet happily πŸ™‚ The same routine everyday during the weekdays, unless my kemalasan melanda..Β  when nothing is being done. Huhuhu.

Workloads in the office are piling up, and almost everyday I brought some papers back to continue my readings. But ended up, were left untouched. Just a stare, steamy eyes and lazy~~ And sleepy… T_T And facebook, and youtubing~ That’s what happen when you still carry the status of a ‘trainee’… You just can’t say no to anything. Accept and telan. Glob glob glob. 😦 Until when I am not so sure myself, but I believe in long suffering and richer at the end of the day πŸ™‚ Bertahan… Hiak! πŸ˜€

1 hour later…

Ooopppsss.. I terslept duhal.. My Bro was using the internet, and I was eating my Mamee Monster.. and drifted off without me realizing it. Huhu. I guess I haven’t have a pay back yet for my lack of sleep/tiredness last week after the day trip to KL. Herherher. *Padah jak malas sio~ :P* Huargghhh ngantok… @_@

Anyway, I like the Words yesterday. He speaks when the Words are the most needed, and came just at the right tick of time. At the moment, there are things that keep on haunting me. Endless Qs of why? Leaving myself wondering, thinking and worrying of what shall I do, have I done wrong? etc. But yesterday, He said to worry not. Worry can produce nothing. But instead, rest well and let Him do the works. Hihi. OK.. So I’ll wait.. wait for that one day to come :P. Ngee…

Gudnite people, be blessed every day… πŸ™‚

Oh.. and let’s hear to this one song.. jiwang butul sia kan.. πŸ˜›


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