Pokpek pokpek ;p

Feeling so refreshed! πŸ˜€ Just took shower, drinking my mild 3in1 Nescafe and the smell of the rain (rain ada smell ka?) make me feel relax and calm. Serenity. What a feeling… Hehehe. Cancelled our badminton plan earlier due to heavy rain. Now that it has stop, there’s a little sense of regret of not being semangat enough to lose these lebihan lemak tegantung 😦 Keskeskes. What to do… Taik kambing suda boolattt… πŸ˜›

But seriously I need to lose these extra weight before 28 May 2011. Why? According to plan, my eldest bro is getting married on that date and I have booked to be the bridesmaid. Hihihi. So.. I still have more than a year time to lose these 5 kg. *Calculating*. Approximately 357 grams to be losed every month, assuming no additional fat formed. Herherher.

To be continued later.. am going out for dinner with dear Bro, and teman him to watch football MU vs Liverpool. Boorinnggg… 😦



12.00 a.m. plus plus…

I’m badan berkecuali for football. But somehow, just now I found myself enjoying the game and since quite a number of Liverpool players got the yellow card, kesian sia tinguk… huhu. So support the Liverpool la.. Just for tonight. Esok2 atas pagar lagik. Hihi.

And I figured out something about myself tonight. I am right legged just like I’m being a right handed. Herherher. Proven by sepak-ing angin during the game using my right leg. Hikhik.

It’s almost 1 a.m. I better go sleep scared kenot wake up early tomolo. Gudnite all and have a blessed week! πŸ˜€ I’ll continue blogging tomolo2 πŸ˜›



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