Rambles on Tuesday nite..

Short Not-so-short a note:

Mood swing. I really don’t like 😦 How can I forget? How can I not think? It’s unsolved issue. Can’t think of any way to have things straightened out, because everything is just like.. is just like… hanging, and there’s possibility that my thoughts are not the way things really are. It’s simply a guess. With insufficient evidences to support the authentication of the guess. What if… what if… there’s actually nothing, can’t imagine how bad things can turn out to be. Takottt! 😦

Looks like pretending-that-nothing-happened is the only path left to take, and for sure it will take lots and lots of time with lots and lots of “no air” all the way back to the original one I was once. Slowly but surely? Hope it still hold…

Can you feel the complexity? *Angol… @_@*

So far, still under control. Struggling. Hiakk Hiakkk wachaaa… 😛 It’s not like any one of us is of Kyle XX species (Kyle XX and homo sapiens do not match romantically according to the drama series :P), but why is it still so hard? (Erk.. or is it Kyle XY? *rolling eyes*) Ego? Malas kuh… One side only clap clap hand? 😦

Hahaha.What an intro… 🙂 Smile *wink wink*…


Swing swing monkey.



I just realized that I spent too much time with facebook and it hits me suddenly on one sunny day that the core cause of my Supervisor’s concern (awww..) the other day, is actually from the facebook status. People can’t help interpret things wrongly most of the time right? Sobs.. he added me as friend, so can’t reject since I’ll be seeing him in the office every 5 days in a week, and can’t lie every 5 days in a week that I haven’t check my facebook for so long. *sigh* Don’t care la.. gohet gohet seja…

Hurm.. I need your opinions on something, but I doubt anyone will give their comments. It’s OK. Who knows, suddenly your fingers are generous enough to donate some comments.. Tip-tap-tip-tapping. Wekekeke. Remember the other day, I did mentioned about this one married colleague who claimed that I looked like his wife rite. It seems like he initiates conversation almost every night, and asked me out (together with his other friends) for lunch many times already. Me.. I tried not to offend him, so just replied his message bit bit only, and rejected the lunch invitation everytime. Is it normal? At first I thought it’s nothing abnormal. But then, colleagues adviced me the reverse. Hurm..

For sure, I will not want to be a third person in any relationship (jauh-jauh kan la..fuh fuh.. ), and not even in the one who’s not married yet; not confirmed yet; not declared yet. Cause, I think, once there’s a guy and a girl (just for the straights :P), even in their early stage of relationship, why bother to kacau when you know that’s the guy’s heart has other girl in it? Butul kan…

Human love is complicated. No certainties for some. Not eternal for some.

Enough for tonight. Sebening fly suda my head.

Oh.. before I forget, the KKR which was planned to be held this weekend is postponed, to most probably in June 2010. Do take note OK! 🙂

The blog theme thingy, I’ll think of it tomolo2. Lazy~~ 😛 So, go ahead with the youtube codes reading. Hihihi.

Gudnite all and have a blessed Wednesday! 😀

It’s 16 days before payday (help you to count the days. Hahaha) Chaiyok2! 😛



  1. kiewleng said,

    March 10, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Thumbs up for u shan! Don’t be a third party in any other people’s relationship. Imagine if u are in a relationship, then u know there’s a third party disturbing.. It hurts rite?

  2. Hafsha said,

    March 10, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    Yup.. betol kan Kiew Leng. engai la ku ruin relationship orang. hehe. tadik bisi laki urang nya chit chat baru tapi ku reply sekalik jak. huhu. kawan pia2 jak la.. hehe.

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