Short talk:

I want to perm hair 😛

awww.. i like~~ 😛 and that green eyes.. hurm.. i oso want 😛 *kenjet mode*

but not now..


Anyway, I have funny story to tell. Hihi. This weekend was like other weekends too. And as usual, went out on Friday and Saturday nights although no plans are planned. Boorrrinnngggggg… but still it feels like something is wrong if I stay in during the weekend’s nights. Hehehe. So at least went out for dinner and chitchatting. Just talk about anything, and laugh about everything. Hahaha.

Let starts with Friday night. Hehehehe. *Belom start cerita, ku dah tetak. Kuikuikui.* So, on that special Friday night, went out with Elsie. No special plan, just having dinner at After 3. Hehe. Our port 😛 Just both of us initially since Mr Zack went bowling with friends (even bowling pon, tak semangat da.. huhuhu. So we didn’t join the group.) Earlier that day, I received an sms from a friend who was my colleague in Brooke. Herherher. She was asking when I am free as we need to catch up with each other. Kind of weird as we never been that close before, but she’s a nice lady and fun to be with. Age 30++ I guess. Then, in her last part of the sms, she mentioned that she wanted to introduce me to someone. Curious, I asked who, at first I thought should be someone who might know me, or her friend wanted to offer me job elsewhere *advance kan my imaginasi 😛 haha* Then, found out that the person is her uncle, a lecturer in UITM. Apparently, she and the family want to find a lady for that uncle. :O oOOooooo……. *mau pengsan saya.Why me?? T_T *. But what to do… kotan mau jaga hati kawan, OK-OK seja :S huhu. She even gave my number to the Uncle without me knowing. Hurmm.. what to do.. taik kambing suda boolattt… huhuhu.

Later that afternoon, he sms-ed me. Layan light2 seja la.. kotan mau jaga hati kawan tadik kan.. He even asked what plan do I have for that night. Didn’t answer. Takootttt… :S

And guess what happened… that night since we both Elsie were already mati akal of what to do, contacted that guy and asked whether he’ll be able to lepak together. Although he’s an uncle to a 30++ friend, there’s possibility tipis2 that he is still young right… That was what we thought, and hope for. Wekekeke. Luckily it was already 9 something when we decided to ask him out. Hahahaha. And he reached there around 10.15pm. During the wait, a lot of creative ideas exchanged between us trying to picture how he looks like… *we are the creative imaginators <— ada ka this word? :P* Wakakaka.

Unfortunately… unfortunately… *thinking of how shall I describe him* he’s the one that we wished he was not. Paham ka? Huhuhu. Age 40++ I think and all he talked about was work, bla bla bla work… 😦 Uh ohh.. most of the time we kept silence, and Elsie dok layan handphone. Huhuhu. What a relief when the bill came, meaning it’s time to go back. Herherher. 11pm.

Due to sudden shock, we decided to just end that Friday night. Go back and sleep. Huhu.

Ait.. dah pukul 12 something.. weekend stories to be continued.. *wink*

Have a blessed week, my dearest friends and Goodnite! 😀


Talk light2…

Settled all things/chores at 9pm before I can play internet happily 🙂 The same routine everyday during the weekdays, unless my kemalasan melanda..  when nothing is being done. Huhuhu.

Workloads in the office are piling up, and almost everyday I brought some papers back to continue my readings. But ended up, were left untouched. Just a stare, steamy eyes and lazy~~ And sleepy… T_T And facebook, and youtubing~ That’s what happen when you still carry the status of a ‘trainee’… You just can’t say no to anything. Accept and telan. Glob glob glob. 😦 Until when I am not so sure myself, but I believe in long suffering and richer at the end of the day 🙂 Bertahan… Hiak! 😀

1 hour later…

Ooopppsss.. I terslept duhal.. My Bro was using the internet, and I was eating my Mamee Monster.. and drifted off without me realizing it. Huhu. I guess I haven’t have a pay back yet for my lack of sleep/tiredness last week after the day trip to KL. Herherher. *Padah jak malas sio~ :P* Huargghhh ngantok… @_@

Anyway, I like the Words yesterday. He speaks when the Words are the most needed, and came just at the right tick of time. At the moment, there are things that keep on haunting me. Endless Qs of why? Leaving myself wondering, thinking and worrying of what shall I do, have I done wrong? etc. But yesterday, He said to worry not. Worry can produce nothing. But instead, rest well and let Him do the works. Hihi. OK.. So I’ll wait.. wait for that one day to come :P. Ngee…

Gudnite people, be blessed every day… 🙂

Oh.. and let’s hear to this one song.. jiwang butul sia kan.. 😛

Pokpek pokpek ;p

Feeling so refreshed! 😀 Just took shower, drinking my mild 3in1 Nescafe and the smell of the rain (rain ada smell ka?) make me feel relax and calm. Serenity. What a feeling… Hehehe. Cancelled our badminton plan earlier due to heavy rain. Now that it has stop, there’s a little sense of regret of not being semangat enough to lose these lebihan lemak tegantung 😦 Keskeskes. What to do… Taik kambing suda boolattt… 😛

But seriously I need to lose these extra weight before 28 May 2011. Why? According to plan, my eldest bro is getting married on that date and I have booked to be the bridesmaid. Hihihi. So.. I still have more than a year time to lose these 5 kg. *Calculating*. Approximately 357 grams to be losed every month, assuming no additional fat formed. Herherher.

To be continued later.. am going out for dinner with dear Bro, and teman him to watch football MU vs Liverpool. Boorinnggg… 😦



12.00 a.m. plus plus…

I’m badan berkecuali for football. But somehow, just now I found myself enjoying the game and since quite a number of Liverpool players got the yellow card, kesian sia tinguk… huhu. So support the Liverpool la.. Just for tonight. Esok2 atas pagar lagik. Hihi.

And I figured out something about myself tonight. I am right legged just like I’m being a right handed. Herherher. Proven by sepak-ing angin during the game using my right leg. Hikhik.

It’s almost 1 a.m. I better go sleep scared kenot wake up early tomolo. Gudnite all and have a blessed week! 😀 I’ll continue blogging tomolo2 😛




Finally, I can upload youtube videos. To those who wants to upload, but have problems, why don’t you approach the support team for your blog. 😀 Yippee…

One of the songs I heard this morning during the usual boorrrinnngggg traffic jam. Hehe.

Home by Chris Daughtry

I’m staring out into the night
And trying to hide the pain
I’m going to the place where love
and feeling good don’t ever cost a thing,
And the pain you feel’s a different kind of pain
I’m going home to the place where I belong
where your love has always been enough for me
I’m running from you know I think you got me all wrong
I don’t regret this life I chose for me
But these places and these faces are getting old
So I’m going home
The miles are getting longer it seems
The closer I get to you…. babe
I’ve not always been the best man and friend for you
But your love remains true and I don’t know why
You always seem to give me another try
I’m going home
To the place where I belong
Where your love has always been good enough for me
I’m running from you know I think you got me all wrong
I don’t regret this life I chose for me
But these places and these faces are getting old
Be careful what you wish for
cause you just might get it all
you just might get it all and then some you dont want
be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it all
You just might get it all
I’m going home to the place where I belong
Where your love has always been enough for me
And I’m running from.. you know I think you got me all wrong
I don’t regret this life I chose for me’
But these places and these faces are getting old
But these places and these faces are getting old
I’m going home
I’m going home

OK. Back to work. Have a blessed day. It’s Friday tomolo. Wa.. time flies like rocket… 🙂


Rambles on Tuesday nite..

Short Not-so-short a note:

Mood swing. I really don’t like 😦 How can I forget? How can I not think? It’s unsolved issue. Can’t think of any way to have things straightened out, because everything is just like.. is just like… hanging, and there’s possibility that my thoughts are not the way things really are. It’s simply a guess. With insufficient evidences to support the authentication of the guess. What if… what if… there’s actually nothing, can’t imagine how bad things can turn out to be. Takottt! 😦

Looks like pretending-that-nothing-happened is the only path left to take, and for sure it will take lots and lots of time with lots and lots of “no air” all the way back to the original one I was once. Slowly but surely? Hope it still hold…

Can you feel the complexity? *Angol… @_@*

So far, still under control. Struggling. Hiakk Hiakkk wachaaa… 😛 It’s not like any one of us is of Kyle XX species (Kyle XX and homo sapiens do not match romantically according to the drama series :P), but why is it still so hard? (Erk.. or is it Kyle XY? *rolling eyes*) Ego? Malas kuh… One side only clap clap hand? 😦

Hahaha.What an intro… 🙂 Smile *wink wink*…


Swing swing monkey.



I just realized that I spent too much time with facebook and it hits me suddenly on one sunny day that the core cause of my Supervisor’s concern (awww..) the other day, is actually from the facebook status. People can’t help interpret things wrongly most of the time right? Sobs.. he added me as friend, so can’t reject since I’ll be seeing him in the office every 5 days in a week, and can’t lie every 5 days in a week that I haven’t check my facebook for so long. *sigh* Don’t care la.. gohet gohet seja…

Hurm.. I need your opinions on something, but I doubt anyone will give their comments. It’s OK. Who knows, suddenly your fingers are generous enough to donate some comments.. Tip-tap-tip-tapping. Wekekeke. Remember the other day, I did mentioned about this one married colleague who claimed that I looked like his wife rite. It seems like he initiates conversation almost every night, and asked me out (together with his other friends) for lunch many times already. Me.. I tried not to offend him, so just replied his message bit bit only, and rejected the lunch invitation everytime. Is it normal? At first I thought it’s nothing abnormal. But then, colleagues adviced me the reverse. Hurm..

For sure, I will not want to be a third person in any relationship (jauh-jauh kan la..fuh fuh.. ), and not even in the one who’s not married yet; not confirmed yet; not declared yet. Cause, I think, once there’s a guy and a girl (just for the straights :P), even in their early stage of relationship, why bother to kacau when you know that’s the guy’s heart has other girl in it? Butul kan…

Human love is complicated. No certainties for some. Not eternal for some.

Enough for tonight. Sebening fly suda my head.

Oh.. before I forget, the KKR which was planned to be held this weekend is postponed, to most probably in June 2010. Do take note OK! 🙂

The blog theme thingy, I’ll think of it tomolo2. Lazy~~ 😛 So, go ahead with the youtube codes reading. Hihihi.

Gudnite all and have a blessed Wednesday! 😀

It’s 16 days before payday (help you to count the days. Hahaha) Chaiyok2! 😛

A wee~ on Sunday nite! Lalala… :D

Short note:

I regretted things. A lot. Embarassing! But what to do.. Taik kambing suda boolattt 😛 No turning back. Hehe.

So, do omit anything that pictured me as someone who are so desperate for love OK. Life is good enough and I can’t ask for more. Hehehe.

That’s what happen when flesh does the conquering. *sigh*


Obviously, I changed my theme again. This time it’s a picture of banana smoothies. I never like banana smoothies but who cares. The layout looks nice so why not? Kikiki. *Merepek jam 10pm Malaysia :P* Actually I did these changes as the previous theme does not support youtube embed codes. Instead of the video coming out, it looks something like a.. like a.. code. T_T *paham ba kan?*


I hereby want to promote a soon-to-be-held KKR (konsert rohani) in Betong, 12th to 15th March 2010 (that is next weekend!), at SEMESTA hall (Dewan Jabu). All are welcomed! Don’t miss it! Don’t miss the blessings! It’ll be great! 😀

Di Setiap Nafasku

Aku milikMu
Kuberserah kepadaMu
Seluruh hidupku
Kau genggam dalam tanganMU
Ini hatiku hanya untukMu
Ini jiwaku hanya bagiMu

Tuhan Kau Allahku
Bapa dan Rajaku
Tak henti disetiap nafasku
Kukan menyembahMu selalu
Membawa hidupku ke atas mesbahMu
tak henti disetiap nafasku
kukan mengikutiMu

Another one.. 🙂

Jadi SepertiMu

Bapa Kau setia
Takkan meninggalkan
Dan kupercaya
Engkau milikku Dan ku milikMu

Tinggikan namaMu
Karna ku tahu
Engkau dalamku Dan ku dalamMu

Ubah hatiku
seputih hatiMu
Setulus salibMu
KasihMu Tuhan
Biar mataku
seperti mataMu
Pancarkan kasihMu
Ku mau jadi SepertiMu

Jom Jom! Let us worship together gether :D. Don’t you miss Him? I do..

Nite and be blessed you all.. 😀

Updated at 11.40pm:

Oh dear oh dear… See… Told ya told ya.. haih..tok ku malas… 😦 Tried alot of other themes too, but look like all do not support these youtube embed codes 😥 .. Hurm.. I’ll see what I can do tomolo la.. As long as the messages are well delivered 😀 Kan geng kan… hihi.

Ba… Good nite… Kroh krohh krohhh…


kroh krohh krohhh.. 😛