A lil’ bit of here and there ;p

Short note:

My heart says it wants him to know, but my mind says, no, don’t let him know till he says it first. They say guys shall love more than girls do for a successful relationship.

Internal conflicts :S

The time has now passed. Now, just have to accept the reality, the best assumption that can make everyone happy lalala~~


In my post before, I promised to share my trip to Batang Ai rite? But the problem is that I dunno where I put my camera USB cable. I guess it’s still in Betong since I can’t find it anywhere, even after all the move out and move in this weekend. Hurm…


Yup! I have moved house to Tabuan Laru. Yay! XD Although the house is bigger, the facilities are less. No aircond, no washing machine, no fridge and no nothing! Haha. But somehow, I like. Cause, Elsie is near, can mengadu when rasa mau mengenjet and when the heart start sakit menggila 😦 .. Kan Prince kan.. Penyakit yang susah mau diobat. Wakaka! 😛 Can lepak when you ask me out. No worries  of going back late at night, dup dap dip all the way back on that creepy, scary quiet road.

Shirl, me and LC.. ronggeng amboi2 eyak... ;p ngee~~

But then.. No more Ah Beng bye2 and hi2 me from next door when I went and came back from work 😦 Kesian si Ah Beng… (to those who have never encounter Ah Beng character in this blog, he was my neighbour who suffer down sindrom. Am not sure how old he is, but he has alot of white hair. And looks like he likes girls. Hehehehe. ) Tonight is our second night in this new rented house, and starting from tomorrow, I’ll join the other Kuching people in the booorrinnnggg traffic jam :S  Kuikuikui.


:* ngee~

The whole day today, I felt so sexy. Perasan jadik Angelina Jolie for a day. Haha. Wanna know why? My upper lip balloon-ed but not that obvious, although I can feel it. My lip started to swell last night, midnight, and at first I thought it was the mosquito’s bite. But the itchy feel is different, then I realized it should be the oyster I took earlier for dinner. My Mom crave for it, so join mamam. I have never experienced this balloon2 thing before, so I thought I have no problem eating seafood. I guess I can’t take certain species of seafood then. Hehe. Going to sleep soon hoping for an innocent-not-sexy Hafsha tomolo… Ekeke.

Nite everyone, be blessed and loved! 🙂


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