A look alike?

Sudden thought:

We feel so burdened and ‘no air’ 😛 when we focus too much on our own problems. Try to be ‘opened’ and look in wider range, try to put yourself in other people’s shoes, try to feel how they feel, the problems they’re facing might be much bigger in comparison to yours and then, instead of being down down down, you’ll be surprised to find how much better is your life treating you. Grateful, just be one 🙂


I was trying to blog earlier but felt so distracted when there’s people on both sides of me, my Mommy and Bro. Maloo~~ so decided to blog later. Hehe.

My bro is moving to Kuching and for the past couple of days, we have been looking for house to rent, somewhere in the middle between my office and the airport. Apparently, the best locations are either in Tabuan Jaya or Tabuan Laru. There might be other places but I am still not very familiar and blurr (tau2 seja ba kan..). Found two in Tabuan Laru today, and hopefully one of these houses is for us. To be confirmed tomorrow. Yippee! 😀 *ShooBeeDooBeeDoo Oh La La~~ :O*. (Elsie, we’ll be neighbours! Yay! Ronggeng2 lalala… 😛 )

There is this one guy in my office who claimed that I looked like his wife. Hehe. Honestly, I can’t see myself in her. Oopss.. but kotan mok jaga hati, aok2 seja 😛 Hehe. And of course she’s prettier la…

Because of this, we became close. It’s rare to be close with colleague from other departments, and since different departments are located in different floors. And the only time we get to meet and get to know people are when we are either in the same lift or canteen.

So, this is the wife…


And the son looked just like her kan…

So, if my anak to be looked like me.. uhm uhm… hahaha. alu la.. malas kuh.. 😛

Good night and sweet dreams! 🙂 And blessings! 😀


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