Towards the year end

Hello šŸ™‚

It was just yesterday that I drove to Kuching from Betong, and again tomorrow after work going back to Betong again (at least that is the plan for now) Oh dear.. tired. But janji happy! šŸ™‚

2 days left before it’s 2010. Normally, just like habit, it’s time for us to reminisce back what had happen for the past long 12 months. Some are bitter moments, and some are sweet.. Are you surprise with how some mega things can happen/change in just 1 year? I am. I am surprise (WHoaaa :O ). I mean.. for example, when you think back what you did on 29th Dec 2008, you might be surrounded by this particular group of people, and today in year 2009.. you find that you’re doing some other routine surrounded by new group of people. Hehe (Understand ka? Complicated eh… :S ). But no matter what happen, no matter what things that have change, I want to keep believing that things happen for a reason. Things happen for a change. Especially the bad and frustrating ones. Otherwise, life will be not like how life is like now. Kan geng ku kan??? Hekhekhek. Ohh pening…

Have you guys listed down your new year resolutions? Hehe. Every new year we did the same things and most of the time, the same points are repeated every year. Hahahaha. Including mine šŸ˜› :

  1. Saya to lose weight at least 5 kg. Kurang kan kulit manok KFC šŸ˜›
  2. Saya to be punctual in every event. Especially to office.
  3. Saya to let it go. *Complicated too personal to explain*

For now, those are the top three resolutions. I’m sure there will be additional ones in the near future šŸ˜€

Ohh.. Before the year ends I actually learnt something from my stoopidity. I dunno why but recently there’s a lot of ‘kumbang’ flying bzz bzzzz around me. Hope you know what I mean šŸ˜› And.. I was too blurr to realize (I hope I am not the one that perasan lebeh) until one sunny Sunday afternoon, met this one kumbang after church meeting. Since he’s the church member, I didn’t think twice šŸ˜¦ and stoopidly gave my phone number to him when he asked for it. It’s OK to be friend I don’t mind, I like ma.. but he kept on calling and texting few days after that it freaked me out. Takotttt… So all his calls and messages were left unanswered šŸ˜› Sori friend, you failed my Level 1 test of not being patient. Herherher.

To be continued it almost 1am..mau punctual le katakan….. zZZZZzzzz

Nite and be blessed! šŸ˜€


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Hurra hurra..

Short note:

šŸ™‚ :> šŸ˜€ XDĀ  <—— they are merely emoticons, but do they really can show real emotions?


Christmas mood is everywhere now šŸ™‚ It almost end of the year. 2010 is coming. And my age number is going to be 25. Oh wow!! Hehehe. Neway, it just a number but my inner self will be owez 18.. a matured 18. Tskk tskkk XD

2009. If compared to 2008, more ‘down’s moment than the ‘up’s. Started since March.. and then keep on decreasing till I dunno when. Hehe. But I want to put my trust in Him. The needs to persevere, and now I can foresee a glimpse of the ‘up’s light in my dark cold tunnel. Yay!

Yesterday I received good news from my second brother. He’ll be back to work in Kuching starting early February. On the 14th to be exact. Valentine day šŸ˜€ (Wonder am I going to be single still by that time? Most probably yes… :S) So.. I have to seriously look for a house to rent starting from tomolo šŸ˜€ . Preferably in Kuching area where it is easier for us to go out at night (and not terkurung like me for the past few months šŸ˜¦ *sigh* ) Bertahan saya! Chaiyok2. 2 more lonely months to go, 2 more months of being scared of nothing šŸ˜› (that nothing is thunder, lightning, cerita momok di TV and bla bla bla)…. and things will turn out better šŸ™‚ Hopefully! *Anang nuan kontrol ku Celing keh.. Sometimes ku ka ronggeng lite2 ga šŸ˜› Heeee….*

*Huargghhh* Sleepy.. Gdnite all and hepi weekend šŸ™‚

Monday Morning

Morning all.. šŸ™‚ Have you started your day with a smile? Hehe.

*Tengah tahan diri from writing “It’s been ages since I last blog”. Cause it appears in almost all of my posts. Hehe. Uwekkk muntah… Tsk tsk… XD*

Today I came in late to the office. Super duper late. Due to unavoidable circumstances. Since this is my secret hiding place, I will just tell you why (In the hope that not more than 5 people knows about this so-called secret šŸ˜› ) I burnt my trousers this morning, leaving a triangle shape hole (blame it on the iron, not me not me. I’m a good housewife OK… šŸ˜› ). And since I stayed over at Elsie’s place (panjang cerita. but can dipendekkan.. my house owner came over the weekend and they’re going back later to Spaoh (the husband and their 15 year old son), so apa lagik.. larikkk…. hehehu *sigh šŸ˜¦ * ) I only brought along this one trouser specially for blacky Monday. As a result, bangun awal pon tak guna. Still late and today is the day I pecah rekod in my SEB lateness history. Hihi. Is there such a thing? XD Tsk tskk tskkk…

Neway, work is getting interesting I like. My boss has started chasing me around, like how he did with the others. And I have already travelled once, just a day trip to Semadang. Passed by Berkely longhouse, and reminded me with sweet memolies of Gel’s wedding in December 2008. Oh wow! Almost one year anniversary for you both. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you both! šŸ˜€

Can’t wait for another chance for travelling. The problem is just that they always send people to ulu2. Like one of my colleagues. He went to Long Lama somewhere in Miri last week. Is it near to your place Prince? Long Lama, Long Tengoa. Both ada Long Long. Walo papa pon.. I’m getting excited!!! Gegegegege XD

OK. Enough of merapu-rapu. Will upload some photos of Semadang later2.

Take care and God bless… šŸ™‚