Weekend in Betong

OK.. the mood is here 🙂 I dunno why the blogging mood comes when I am in Betong. Why eh… Hehe. Am blogging while playing Cafe World. Hehe. Buang tabiat… Am now renovating and decorating the cafe to look nicer. Ekekeke. Yay! Now I have a pet. Not a dog, not a cat, not a penyuk, not a hamster, but a visual cafe. Huahaha. What an addiction! Ngee…

Elsie and Shirley left for Kuching earlier. They just spent one night in Betong, and they were so overwhelmed with dabai and durians. I am sure that their Myvi will be fulled with both fruits once they have reach Kuching later.  Ngehehehe. It just took us few minutes to round around Betong yesterday, took few pictures.. And then went to Church Dinner last night 🙂 A lot of pictures taken but they are all not with me, Shirley took most of them. Hehe.

Nice view of Betong’s Putra Jaya 🙂 with the blue2 sky…

Planned to meet my friends today but feeling a bit tired so… decided to just stay at home and do some dreamings…  hee…

Anyway, to friends who are in Kuching, this whole weekend Sarawak Energy Berhad has this event called ‘Hari Bersama Pelanggan’. Do visit if you are planning to go to Spring today or tomorrow. Hehe.

Wish you good weekend 🙂




Happy Friday

Hello 🙂

Sorry for not updating for so long dee. Yala Hafsha ba… kata jarang dikota.. kan Prince kan.. Hehehe. What to do. Taik kambing suda boolattt… 😛

Neway, today was not that bad. Had this 5S activities in the office, and what excite the most was that we can actually asked for refreshment. Hehehe. Our Kak Tity ordered Pizza and KFC and we spent like 90% of our afternoon office hours with eating and chatting. Hehehehe. It took us little time to clean up the whole office. Wa.. so nice eh… Hihi I like.


everyone busy cleaning..ngee~

And then, I reached home just to find this kitty2 sat on the pink sofa outside my house 🙂


miow miow. ngee~~

OK, more story to come. I am going out soon to Spring. Jalan2 alone looking for workbook in MPH. Have to cause tomorrow is my first day teaching tuition to some primary school pupils and I have no idea what their syllabus are. Hehe. Primary ba… Aiyak… Hope they will like me 😀

Happy weekend all!! 😀

Friends’ Wedding

Lina's Wedding

Bro and Sis I dearly miss..


How on earth could I forgot their wedding 😦 . Till I saw their photos in a friend’s facebook. David and Lina, they both mean a lot to me, they were the ones that have taken good care of me when I was in Ulu Kapit. Their parts in shaping me of what I am today, are so huge indescribable (Dave water baptised me in King’s 🙂 ). The first few years in Ulu Kapit, I can still remember clearly, all the sweet and bitter moments. Hehe. Thanks Bro. Thanks Sis. You are both wonderful, amazing people in my life 🙂 Wish you both happiness in God’s abundant love 🙂

Lina's Wed 2

Lina's Wed 3

Most people around me (around my age) have found their other halves. Everyone is planning their engagements, their weddings (and some are to get married soon.. very very soon. Congrats Firah 🙂 ). Dreaming of their wedding rings, wedding gowns etc. (and that is you, Theresa. Though I know you’re not reading this blog 😛 And you too, Nawar 🙂 ) And even some are expecting babies (Congrats, Najid&Liza and Intan&Wan 🙂 ), and already have babies. Congrats Mike and wife 🙂 Bahagia nya… 😀

I wonder when is my turn.. To feel that ‘feeling’. A feeling of being loved and took care of. Huhu. I wonder where is my Knight now? Is it too hard for you to find me? God, let our paths cross… 😛 Or.. are you actually someone that I already know? But I can’t think of anyone that can possibly like/love me 😦

Is there something wrong with me? Be honest… Hehe.

OK.. enough of merepek tonight. Jiwang karat? Maybe it’s now almost that time of the month. Unstable mind 😛

(Ahh.. budu iklan cerita antu tok.. Tekacau semangat ku kejap. fuh~~ Hehe)

Nite 🙂