In Good Hands :)

Short note:

Back to Olay product! 😀 Just wait and see, if the problem comes from Garnier, or is it just my skin being naughty and BAD at this age!


Over my second cup of Regular 3-in-1 Nescafe for today, I lalut2 …..

Hi all. Happy Saturday. Hehe.

So many things to share but always blurrr halfway writing a new post. No one knows how many ‘drafts not jadi’ do I have for this ‘hidup pengsan’ blog. Ekekeke.

OK, let’s start with my first story of the day. If the mood is good, I might have a second today.

I feel the need to share these. Of what happened to me in October. Miraculous events? I dunno. But everytime I took a horoscope test, whatever just-for-fun test, I always have October as the best month for me. Hurm.. Kenot trust one la.. Hehe.

OK, the first event. It’s actually happened last week on Saturday. I’m sure you all know how life is like when you just started working right? (After years of work pon still have this problem I am so sure of it) How tight you are FINANCIALly. And how bad it can be at the end of the month, if you didn’t manage properly in the beginning. Hehe. Well, I’m not excluded 😛

So what happened was that, I found out that there was extra money in my bank account when I was so super sure the exact amount that was still left. I double checked my last receipt to support the ‘super sure’ statement, and yeah… there’s an extra of exactly RM70.30 which comes out of nowhere. And up till now, I still have no idea of what happened. Although it’s not much, but still.. it does excite me.. Hihi. Lazy to think much. Just a smile and Praise God! 😀 Hehe.

To be continued later 😛 There’s thing need to be settled…


Continued at 2154 my laptop’s time…

The second event, took place earlier this week. Last Monday, back from work, and I felt something is wrong. The green bin was in the garage, and more unfamiliar things were inside my house. My rented house. The place which I recently feel like home has been intruded, by my own landlords (A couple and their 15 year old son). Oh dear.. I was so upset and a bit angered. Can they just at least gave me a call before they came? I was so embarrassed, cause my *tut* and *tut* were lying around freely exposed 😦 and the house was in such a chaos :P. Fortunately, my Dad was in Kuching, and he got his room to himself till Thursday :D. So, I quickly packed and drove my way to Daddy (though I was not very sure of the road, bantai seja.. and safely reached 😀 ). Hehe. Terkocoh2 till I forgot a lot of important stuffs, towel and toothbrush, but the hotel has them. Hehe. And I got the chance to stay in Four Points. Ekeke.

The next morning, the landlord called. When I asked why they didn’t informed me earlier, she just laugh and said “tak ingat la moi”. Boleh meh like that? Worse still, the wife went back to Spaoh earlier, and the husband and son continue to stay there till Thursday. The husband seems nice but.. who knows.. 😦 Cun cun kan… my Dad going back to Betong on the same day. Praise God lagik! 😀 Hehe. Hopefully, after this it will not repeat till I find other better, safer, more privacy house :D. And with housemate(s). *Sigh*


love the lighting in 4Points.ngee... (being vain sekijap 😛 )

That’s all for today. Hehe. I want to watch Monster Inc. on TV. Nite everyone, and God bless you :))) Good Hands are His…  🙂



Fuh Fuh Fuh Fuh Fuh~~~

I was blowing hard on this blog to restore its life. And now it has returned with a new look. Hehe. I found out that I don’t really like my previous blog layout, doesn’t look attractive enough to seduce me to update on it. Hehe.

It’s actually time for me to sleep but I feel like jotting down somethings. Or to merepek before I continue merepek in my sleep, I mean in my sweet dreams 😛 . At least not snoring kan..hehe. Neway, am too lazy to elaborate… :S

  • Yesterday, I went to Sushi King (my first time ever. Not that I don’t like sushi, but I prefer cooked fish rather than raw ones so it’s better to make your very own sushi or kimbap <—-Korean sushi? but with cooked meat inside instead of raw fish). Apparently, they have super duper offer for this 4 days starting from yesterday. If you’re a sushi lover, should goOoo… most of the plates are like RM2 each. So you can expect queue as long as Sungai Rajang in the Spring. come this one point can be very long. I thought I’m lazy enough to not elaborate on it. Hehe. But actually that’s not I really want to say for this first point. The bigger thing is that…. jeng jeng jeng…. I got lost on my way to Spring from my office. And it was so jam it took me 1.25 hours to reach Spring. Tehee. Don’t laugh don’t laugh. At least now I know how to get there 😛 and Crown Tower from my place now. Then can go to gym next time ??? Heeee…

Huarrggghhhhhhh… <————-yawning.

I’ll continue my lalut2 tomolo ok.. Thanks for reading guys.. Haha. I know that sounds stoopid. But what to do… Taik kambing suda boolattt~~

Nite all.. and be blessed on Wednesday, October 21st. (Did I get the date right? Uhmmm…)

King Kong

Sudden thoughts (no longer short note 😛 ):

Bosses are loners. Cause no one dares to get near them. Whether it is a bad or good intention of getting close to a boss, inviting them to have breakfast together etc., it will eventually becomes bad in front of people’s eyes. Cause humans are just like THAT, and nothing can shut their mouths from spreading bad rumors.

Therefore, try not to be a boss (Pity all the bosses). Or just ignore. Ignorance is a bliss~ 🙂 But not everyone is like those kan.. Hehe. Awal nya aku merepek.. Haha.


Have you ever thought that you are the most unfortunate person in the world? Huhu. I think most of us did right? At least once in our lifetime. When you think you have reached the minimum point of your life. But as you can see in the graph below, minimum point means a turning point (alu la… and it give you smiling sexy lip.wekekeke), where thereafter, lucks and blessings are then coming in your way and bla bla bla… boring if I talk talk like this kan.. Hahaha. You know I know lah… Kirkkk… 😛

Smiling graph. Ngee~

Smiling graph. Ngee~

Anyway, I have a story. A story of my neighbors. I have been having problems sleeping at night in this new home since.. ntah.. sik tauk. Scared? Mosquitoes? Dreams? Sounds? Yup, because of all that mentioned. And it is always at 3 in the morning. Hehe. Until recently I found out why, maybe that’s the real reason, I dunno. Blurrr…

I never know how many people are there in my neighbour’s family. Hehe. Cause I spend most of my time outside and everytime I reached home, I’ll quickly lock myself inside (my mum told me so.. 😛 can imagine myself duduk tercanguk2 inside? Like panda. Hihi) The family has a very hardworking father I would say. He works day and night. I noticed he went out in the morning at 7.30 am, and then again at night, 10.30 pm. And there’s one morning at 3 am, I woke up to silent sound of car and gate being opened and closed. It has to be the father coming back from his night work. So… I think that’s why I always have problem with 3 am. Sampai termimpi2 kan 3 am. I guess I was too mamai before, that I couldn’t recognize what actually woke me up at 3 am. (always repeat 3 am.. bluwekkk..)

And that’s what we call as hardship and perseverance. The family also has an incapable son who suffers Sindrom Down ( I dunno what his name but I call him Ah Beng :P). I wanted to befriend him but kenot la.. there was this one incidence which make me a bit scared of him now (not scared, more to berhati2), that’s why I add that quickly word in the paragraph before. (paham ka aku mencarut? tehee.. )

So everyone, be strong like King Kong ok. Just like this exemplary father. One day, you’ll see what awaits you at the end of the hardship journey. (Bulih jadik cikgu moral sik aku? Hehehe)

Nite everyone and be blessed 🙂 🙂 🙂