Please don’t ask…

Please don’t ask me what time it is.. Hehe.

My favorite watch ran out of battery few days ago. A watch given by a friend bought in ZΓΌrich, Switzerland in December 2007. Actually, few days before, I was looking at it (staring?) and wonder to myself, “how come the battery never run out one?” (dengan muka blurr). Kept doing that for at least 3 times (too free to do that), until he (assuming it’s a male) really got static in one fine afternoon. So sad :(. I guess he has already made intimate relationship with me till it can read my mind, what I was thinking? Or did he actually made me thought of that, as a precaution? Hurmmm…. *rolling eyes dengan muka blurr*

a watch model..can't find mine in the web.ngee~

a watch model..can't find mine in the web.ngee~

I tried a couple of times to not wear him, but felt so pelik, with nothing hugging me on my left wrist. (Yuakss..) So.. I just wear la, in the hope that no one will ask me “What time is it now?”. Hehahu. Hopefully will get my watch to breath again by this coming Monday. Hee.

What a boring story. What to do.. goat’s dung already round in shape πŸ˜› Hahaha.


Sorry and TQ, Friends

Hi.. πŸ™‚

Start a new post with a smile.. Hehe. (Praise God the connection is good tonight, but facebook chatting is not working 😦 Sobbing my Sob Sob Sob ) The contents of this post is a bit not telly with the title above. Not sure what title should I put, so just simply write but sincerely comes from this imperfect heart of mine.

Back to my blogging business. Apparently, this is the only thing that I can do for the time being. I have changed my blog layout. Do you like it? Hehe. It’s blazing greennnn.. Hehe. Tell me if you don’t, and I’ll be happy to change it. Hehe. I tried to change my blog address too but failed. I dunno how to. Hehe. Bujang Astana, do you know how to change it? πŸ™‚ Please teach me…

Anyway, what is my story for tonight? Sorry if I sound like telling a bedtime story. It’s boring I know cause my life phase is now so damp bored.*Sigh* I will just ramble about things inside my head. Hehe. Then I will leave you to judge how messy my head is at the moment (and how empty my inner is like) . Haha.



I used to like weekend so much. Hehe. But now I think I prefer weekdays. Cause.. I dunno how to spend my weekend 😦 . Sad, isn’t it? Hehe. But no worries, I already have plans in my head of what should I try/do for the next coming weekends (and weekdays maybe?), waiting for me to jot them down. Hee. (Krokk krokk krokkk my tummy playing drum and trumpet. Ekeke. Mengada2, tadik bukan main sik berselera. I decided to just munch on apples for dinner tonight. Ngee… Detoxification la kunun.. Kirkkk….. ) OK. Here’s my plannings πŸ˜€ (Yay!!) :

  1. Learn to play guitar πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to meet the Guitar Master next Thursday. Hopefully jadikkk.. Hiakkk… Hee. (But I still want a bf who can play guitar πŸ˜› )
  2. Tuition class. I am still waiting for good news from Ah Chai Na Ni Ne πŸ˜€ (there comes new character in my blog. Hehe. He’s my colleague in SEB, and the Na Ni Ne is actually chinese language meaning “How About You”. We like this one chinese song with this quote of “Na Ni Ne”, and was first heard in Ah Chai’s car when we went out for breakfast on one sunny boss-not-in morning :P. And..bla bla bla.. it became Ah Chai’s song… bla bla bla.. and finally Ah Chai Na Ni Ne <— hard-to-explain process with just A.B.C)
  3. OK, don’t pening2 first aa… third point is I want to exploreΒ  the Kuching road on Saturday mornings. Why Saturday morning? Less car rite? Yaka?
  4. This fourth point is my faveret, and am most excited about :D. I want to do a project of “My Hiding Place”. I want to find a place where I can just sit down for hours enjoying hot/cold coffee, doing some readings maybe, internet surfing, study people, staring blankly towards nowhere, etc. and I’ll take blurry pictures of the surrounding. Then you guys guess where that place is OK. Hehahehahe. (But.. takoottt la u all terer ngan Kuching tok… hurm.. sikpa.. I’ll make the picture super duper blurry..wahahahaha XD )

    once upon a time, with less probs, less troubles, less jerawat.. and hepi :)

    once upon a time, with less probs, less troubles, less jerawat.. and hepi πŸ™‚

  5. OK. This one last point for today, is not a 100% want one. Depends on my budget. Dancing class. Hee. Don’t laugh don’t laugh.. I know you’re laughing. But pedulik ku.. HeheHihiHaha. *Malooo…*

*A long sigh* Now I know how it feels like to be totally alone ;( Hopefully it will not last long.

(In the middle of my boredom kingdom ni kan, datangla 1 sms iklan yang berbunyi begini,

“Bosan? Taip On JD Htr Ke Nombor 32211 Skrg Dan Dptkan Movie Yang TERHEBAT Di Pasaran. Pdftrn FREE. Tentu Seronok! Hebohkanlan.”

Yohhh.. tau2 dia yang sia busan.. Haha. Lawak… Kikiki. )

Dear friends who was and is alone, sorry for not understanding your real feelings before 😦 Sengsara owh.. And tak best at all. I agree sometimes we need privacy, we want to be alone, but most of the times, we need company. Huhu. What to do… Taik kambing suda boolattt… πŸ˜› ) Mau tak mau you have to… (remind me of Breathe lyrics by Taylor Swift πŸ˜€ “And I can’t breathe… without you, but I have to..lalala” Hikhik πŸ˜› )

I feel like apologizing to anyone, yang I ever hurt or annoy before. Am so sorry of any words, any actions.. basically everything la k.. Huhu. I’m just a normal person, have a lot of weaknesses and bads which sometimes I didn’t realize of. Huhu. I didn’t mean them, but that’s what I am 😦

Sometimes, part of me feels like my life is like this because of the wrongs that I did in the past :(, but when I think back.. maybe it’s not that. I try not to think too much. It’s good enough to be what I am today, and I am not qualified to ask for more. Huhu. I really need to learn how to be grateful. Hey.. there’s trillion of people out there who are less fortunate than me, so why should I think this way. It’s more to self-pity I guess, and.. I won’t let that happen to me. Hiakkkkk kung fu panda… Hehe.

OK. Enough merepek for tonight. I’ll leave some for next posts. I am to adjourn this post with a fun Iban nite wish, a wish by a friend which I still have in my inbox, that’s why my phone inbox always full one. Hehe.

“Selamat ngalih ari ngagai bala raban sedadu ke benung berintai tinduk jam ke diatu. Ngarap ke bala kita gemu pandak magang2. Hooohaaa…”


Hehe. She’s funny and fun. Hahahaha. Btw, the message was written after 12 am. Hee.

Gudnite everyone and be blessed always πŸ˜€


Merdeka Weekend

I’m having one of the best feelings I have ever felt before. No words can describe, no way to express. Hehe. And no reason can be given. Why? I am not sure why. But one thing I really am soOo sure is that, and the best part is that.. it makes me smile and giggle bit bit. Ekekekeekekekekeeke… Sot~

It’s never too late to wish everyone Happy National Day kan?? I don’t really feel it but I know I need to appreciate it. Huhu. Semangat patriotik tak chukop… πŸ˜› Do you think others are like me too? Cause I’m sure, National Day = Megasale daysss… Hehehehehe. So, the only things people can think of are clothes, dresses, heels, handbags, etc (I wonder why all those listed are just for girls???? Hehe) But so sad, I didn’t get myself anything this time. Need to wait for Raya sale.. Muahahha (if only by then, I have learnt how to shop..hihi)

Anyway, last weekend I went back to my hometown Betong after 3 months of not going back. 3 months.. seems longgg but Brooke can really make time flies. Huhu. I never expect myself to be so happy when I returned back to Kuching. I just figured out how much I missed my parents, pets and definitely my bunch of monkey friends. Hehehehehe. Some snaps over the weekend πŸ˜€ :



Jopin and Anna

Jopin and Anna (I want my black hair back.. don't want to be looked like female lion 😦 )

Can’t wait for Raya hols. This time there’s guy monkey (Kling ba..) at home. Yay!

Going to sleep soon.. Take care and God bless πŸ˜€