Ronggeng2 aka Reward Yourself

Short talk:

Dust can cause explosion. BOM!! Betoolll… Hehe. Can’t believe it? Why don’t you try to hand wash your clothes with serbuk detergent. Then, tell me how you feel 😀


Hectic. Best 😀 I don’t like sitting at home doing nothing. So, I tried my best to be away from home lepak-ing or to even do OT in the air conditioned office. Hehe. But towards the end of the month, paksa jugak to limit my weekend entertainment (weekend ronggeng2 kan Prince.. Hiks). Paham2 la yerk…hehe.

Went for my first ever facial treatment (is this how we call this thing?) last Saturday, with Miss C. Wee~~ I was so excited. We were both first timers, so you can expect how things can get so funny. Ekeke. Can’t stop the giggles when we were asked to change to sarung kiut (berkemban bah.. perlu meh??).

😛 Giggle giggle 😛

Fortunately, there was no need to have our jeans off. Hehehe maloo.. 😛 We chose the normal treatment, which includes massage and black/white head removal. Relaxing I like apart from the black/white head removal stage. It was so painful la.. Idung yang dah sedia penyek, makin dipenyek kan.. (Teringat me ngan ayam penyek. Hehe) But overall, a thumbs up! Yeah. A place you should go. Herbaline in Satok 4th Floor (yaka??). If there is a next time, perhaps I will choose other package, with no ‘penyeking’ stage 😛

Dah.. nite everyone.. and be blessed! 😀 zzZzz



🙂 😀 😛 😦 ;(

I just figure out that the emoticons in WordPress are getting cuter. Hehe.

Don’t get jealous yerk u blogspot users. Heehee.

K, back to work. No cerita best to be shared 😦 Gomenasai… Biyanne… (whatever the spellings are.. bantai seja.. hehe)

Good day! 😀