Sunday Mood

Hello everyone. How was weekend? Mine ok ok seja. Hehe. Spent the weekend with a colleague u all pon tau sapa, a character I have written in here before. Elsie the Mummy Spotty. Ekeke. TQ girl. U made my day 😀

I have been looking for a video for this song called ‘Lifter of My Head’, but I couldn’t find it. It was my first time listening to this song. In the church this morning. And the Words I think really hit me. And I am sure some of us too. So, good things should be shared rite 🙂 It’s a precious message to everyone. God has different ways of how to communicate with us. Through brothers and sisters in Christ, preaching of the elders, praise and worship songs, apa lagik?? And the most obvious one.. Bible.. Hehe. Here’s the lyric. Sorry I really cannot find the video. Haiya…

Lifter of My Head

You make my way
Bright as the break of day
Shining ever brighter
One thing I pray
Lord let Your light in me
Be shining ever brighter

Through trials and tears and heartache
I will find a song, reminding my soul
I know that you’re near, I’ve nothing to fear
Coz You’ll always be…

Lifter of my head
Lifter of my head
I will say O God You are my God
Strong when I am weak
Brave when I am not
God You are my God.

God wants to get personal with us. Intimate relationship. Joy to the fullest! 😀 Yay!

Have a blessed week! 😀 Nite… (liplapliplap da mata. Another black Monday to come. Aiyak… )


1 Comment

  1. shamila said,

    June 19, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    hai shan…nama berita??boring aku eh..nadai clas kami diatu, nex week start cuti sem…
    so, apa decision nuan shan??ila msg aku enti nuan dah decide k?hehe…

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