Short talk:

I really don’t want the days to pass 😦 Please don’t…


Hello Hi.. 😀

It’s time to blog. Sorry for not hapdet-ting my blog for so long oledy… Ngee~~ Quite a hectic life for the past few days. Hectic cause I’m still blurr with my work. And am still excited at the fact that I have brought Mr QRE3752 here with me in Kuching. Yayay!

I have not master the road in Kuching so my jalan-jalan just limited to Sejingkat area, and to and fro my house to Elsie’s (Demak to Tabuan Laru). Hehe. Funny right? I’ve got myself lost 3 times oledy, and one extra pusing2 the roundabout (not 3 yer Prince.. ekeke). Hurm.. slowly but surely! My target is to master Kuching road in this 5 coming months. Depends on how often I lepak with Elsie. Hehe.

I have moved to a new rented house. Praise God! I like :D. Before moving, I always complaining of not being able to cook. But since I have moved in, I have only cooked twice. Maggi and telor hangus. Oh no.. Meli, I’ve lost my cooking ability (or is it Petronas gas yang sot?? Haha. Bias biasss… Say yes to Shell kan Elsie kan… Weee :D)

Sometime next week (or this Friday), I need to decide whether or not to continue in this Oil and Gas industry. Or.. should I change to energy instead? Energy ka nama nya?? Hurm… Susa susa…

Neway, the only photo I have with my sis-in-law to be 😀

Jus and Shan :D

Jus and Shan 😀

(Laku anak laki Ranson Malaka.. anak indu ja enda. Sob sob.. Ekeke)

To Celing.. Nah, your gambar..

Benjy and White.. best fren when they get older :P

Benjy and White.. best fren when they get older 😛

White was thinking “This is how I looked like…”

Benjy and White never have been this close to each other before. Kling’s hypothesis: They are both getting old and mamau.. so most probably they thought that they are of the same species.

Kikiki.. Merapu da.. Abaikan~~~ 😛 Lalalalala~~

Nite everyone and be blessed always.. God loves you and me…  It’s just the matter of your readiness to receive His overflowing blessings 😀 So open up ok…




  1. atea said,

    June 11, 2009 at 10:20 am

    shan!!!u got the job with shell eh?i got rejected already!:( so that terer..:(

  2. dom dempi said,

    June 13, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Got a better offer shah? dini wai?

  3. hafsharanson said,

    June 14, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    to atea:atea,where got…hehe.i went for sheel interview months ago and was rejected awal2..haha.

    to dom:better offer??hurm..not really la..more or less the same..huhu

  4. meli said,

    June 24, 2009 at 5:31 am

    Hahaha…you lost ability to cook? me don’t believe you lah..hahha, I think it’s the gas..

    I miss your curry and yummy yummy food. Oh, you know I bought the capaccino choc chips ice cream from lidl (remember?) that you promoted to me abt a year ago, for the rest to try…hehe, everytime I buy that I remember you! =)

    Eh, I am so happy you’ve moved. Yeah, I completely understand how you feel now abt not being able to cook, then now having the freedom to cook. I’ve just moved to Harrogate, staying with a couple where dinner is provided… and just this week they’re off on hols, and I could cook my own food!!! So happy la….could fry egg and eat the chinese food that I miss dearly. So how’s cooking now? =P

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