Gawai Mood

Today’s Gawai day. Meaning the beginning of a new month, June. Yay! I always like June. Why? Biarla rahsia~~~ (Haha. Lama dah tak pakai this quote :P) Other than this one important reason, for me the word J.U.N.E is beautiful. Cantekkk ba kan… June is in my list for my children’s names in the future. Ngee~ Since it’s a beginning of a new month, I want to make a new resolution la…

“No to Chicken, Yes to Lion”

You interpret it yourself ok… Hehe. I’ll keep half of the secrets on this resolution in order for it to become real.

Gawai. My sis-in-law-to-be is here in Betong, celebrating Gawai with us. Hurm.. she’s a year younger than me if I’m not mistaken. Haven’t got the chance to have our picture taken (if only Elsie is here. Hehe. La..lala..lala~~) I can get along with her well I think, just that abit kekok to speak BM at home (I always t’speak Iban with her, and she was like..huh???. Hehe. Cian… :P). She’s Kadazan-Dusun from Sabah if I am not wrong. Yay! Sabah + Sarawak = ????? (Ntah…)

It’s been years since I last celebrate Gawai. At this time of the year, usually I have exams or in the middle of exam weeks. So, no feeling. But now, yes feeling (a lil bit). With all the Gawai wishes from friends and relatives. And I like this wish the most:

“Ku kirum ke kulum pinang laka, di pet dara mit benama Jara, dalam geman periuk temaga, ku pesan ngena temeran tali semaya, madah ke bulan nyau keleman nadai nyata, madah ke taun cukup ibun abis maya. Ku nyampi ke kitai gayu guru gerai nyamai, betuah limpah, bulih puli bisi jereki, bulih duit, bulih ringit, kebung baka langit, betuchung baka bukit, lalu gayu ko sentuku, gerai ko sempandai HOO… Haaa… SELAMAT ARI GAWAI DAYAK  ba taun 2009…”

I barely understand it actually. But I like..cause bebelit lidah.. try la… Hekhek.

Going to sleep early tonight for the 4 hours journey back to Kuching tomorrow morning. I know it’s Gawai but the works are piling up in Brooke. *Sigh*

Gudnite and have a blessed week 🙂


1 Comment

  1. bbchick said,

    June 1, 2009 at 11:56 pm…nyesal ku apply cuti panjai2…boring mai gawai ku..:(

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