A little update

Starting a post with a giggle.


Berapa tahun dah I don’t update my blog? Hehe.

Countless time da I tried to write a new entry but then, I was stuck after finishing the first sentence. Hehe. My mind freeze. And the mood evaporated. Tehee.

2.5 months in Brooke. I am getting comfortable, with the people, the working environment, and the pressure of course. Hehe. It’s impossible to not work overtime in Brooke. Seriously… Am getting used to it but (balik awal pon, it’s not like anyone is at home waiting for me kan).. ntah.. I pon dunno 😦 Takmo la till forever pon like this kan.. OT seja… Haihh.. Susa la…

Anyway, we had bowling tournament last weekend. Yay! I always like bowling. It was ladies open. So no guys! For me, bowling is a game based on luck. If you’re lucky, then you’ll strike. And vice versa. So I guess last Sunday was my lucky day. I didn’t strike much, but quite a number of spare. That’s good enough. Heehee. And it made me in the 7th place overall. Huhu. OK la kan… Hehe. Ending the day with a muscle pain (4 continuous games yoo… 😛 ).

Brooke's nite out.. Ngee..(wa..lamak dh x b'ngee2 :P)

Brooke's nite out.. Ngee..(wa..lamak dh x b'ngee2 :P)

Dah..penat.. Hehe. Nite and be blessed 😉


Hitz punya joke

What does Cicak A say to Cicak B when Cicak B fall down?

Cicak A: Cak cak cak cak… (sambil geleng2 kepala)





Sunday Mood

Hello everyone. How was weekend? Mine ok ok seja. Hehe. Spent the weekend with a colleague u all pon tau sapa, a character I have written in here before. Elsie the Mummy Spotty. Ekeke. TQ girl. U made my day 😀

I have been looking for a video for this song called ‘Lifter of My Head’, but I couldn’t find it. It was my first time listening to this song. In the church this morning. And the Words I think really hit me. And I am sure some of us too. So, good things should be shared rite 🙂 It’s a precious message to everyone. God has different ways of how to communicate with us. Through brothers and sisters in Christ, preaching of the elders, praise and worship songs, apa lagik?? And the most obvious one.. Bible.. Hehe. Here’s the lyric. Sorry I really cannot find the video. Haiya…

Lifter of My Head

You make my way
Bright as the break of day
Shining ever brighter
One thing I pray
Lord let Your light in me
Be shining ever brighter

Through trials and tears and heartache
I will find a song, reminding my soul
I know that you’re near, I’ve nothing to fear
Coz You’ll always be…

Lifter of my head
Lifter of my head
I will say O God You are my God
Strong when I am weak
Brave when I am not
God You are my God.

God wants to get personal with us. Intimate relationship. Joy to the fullest! 😀 Yay!

Have a blessed week! 😀 Nite… (liplapliplap da mata. Another black Monday to come. Aiyak… )


Short talk:

I really don’t want the days to pass 😦 Please don’t…


Hello Hi.. 😀

It’s time to blog. Sorry for not hapdet-ting my blog for so long oledy… Ngee~~ Quite a hectic life for the past few days. Hectic cause I’m still blurr with my work. And am still excited at the fact that I have brought Mr QRE3752 here with me in Kuching. Yayay!

I have not master the road in Kuching so my jalan-jalan just limited to Sejingkat area, and to and fro my house to Elsie’s (Demak to Tabuan Laru). Hehe. Funny right? I’ve got myself lost 3 times oledy, and one extra pusing2 the roundabout (not 3 yer Prince.. ekeke). Hurm.. slowly but surely! My target is to master Kuching road in this 5 coming months. Depends on how often I lepak with Elsie. Hehe.

I have moved to a new rented house. Praise God! I like :D. Before moving, I always complaining of not being able to cook. But since I have moved in, I have only cooked twice. Maggi and telor hangus. Oh no.. Meli, I’ve lost my cooking ability (or is it Petronas gas yang sot?? Haha. Bias biasss… Say yes to Shell kan Elsie kan… Weee :D)

Sometime next week (or this Friday), I need to decide whether or not to continue in this Oil and Gas industry. Or.. should I change to energy instead? Energy ka nama nya?? Hurm… Susa susa…

Neway, the only photo I have with my sis-in-law to be 😀

Jus and Shan :D

Jus and Shan 😀

(Laku anak laki Ranson Malaka.. anak indu ja enda. Sob sob.. Ekeke)

To Celing.. Nah, your gambar..

Benjy and White.. best fren when they get older :P

Benjy and White.. best fren when they get older 😛

White was thinking “This is how I looked like…”

Benjy and White never have been this close to each other before. Kling’s hypothesis: They are both getting old and mamau.. so most probably they thought that they are of the same species.

Kikiki.. Merapu da.. Abaikan~~~ 😛 Lalalalala~~

Nite everyone and be blessed always.. God loves you and me…  It’s just the matter of your readiness to receive His overflowing blessings 😀 So open up ok…


Gawai Mood

Today’s Gawai day. Meaning the beginning of a new month, June. Yay! I always like June. Why? Biarla rahsia~~~ (Haha. Lama dah tak pakai this quote :P) Other than this one important reason, for me the word J.U.N.E is beautiful. Cantekkk ba kan… June is in my list for my children’s names in the future. Ngee~ Since it’s a beginning of a new month, I want to make a new resolution la…

“No to Chicken, Yes to Lion”

You interpret it yourself ok… Hehe. I’ll keep half of the secrets on this resolution in order for it to become real.

Gawai. My sis-in-law-to-be is here in Betong, celebrating Gawai with us. Hurm.. she’s a year younger than me if I’m not mistaken. Haven’t got the chance to have our picture taken (if only Elsie is here. Hehe. La..lala..lala~~) I can get along with her well I think, just that abit kekok to speak BM at home (I always t’speak Iban with her, and she was like..huh???. Hehe. Cian… :P). She’s Kadazan-Dusun from Sabah if I am not wrong. Yay! Sabah + Sarawak = ????? (Ntah…)

It’s been years since I last celebrate Gawai. At this time of the year, usually I have exams or in the middle of exam weeks. So, no feeling. But now, yes feeling (a lil bit). With all the Gawai wishes from friends and relatives. And I like this wish the most:

“Ku kirum ke kulum pinang laka, di pet dara mit benama Jara, dalam geman periuk temaga, ku pesan ngena temeran tali semaya, madah ke bulan nyau keleman nadai nyata, madah ke taun cukup ibun abis maya. Ku nyampi ke kitai gayu guru gerai nyamai, betuah limpah, bulih puli bisi jereki, bulih duit, bulih ringit, kebung baka langit, betuchung baka bukit, lalu gayu ko sentuku, gerai ko sempandai HOO… Haaa… SELAMAT ARI GAWAI DAYAK  ba taun 2009…”

I barely understand it actually. But I like..cause bebelit lidah.. try la… Hekhek.

Going to sleep early tonight for the 4 hours journey back to Kuching tomorrow morning. I know it’s Gawai but the works are piling up in Brooke. *Sigh*

Gudnite and have a blessed week 🙂