Last post of the month?

Ketandusan idea of what to post T_T

But kene post something jugak! Coz Prince dah post 23 posts 😛 Hahaha. And 5 hours left before February. Uh Ohh.. Takmo kalah. Ngee~~

To be continued la this time.. Hehe. Mau carik ilham.. 😛


Jam 2140

My horoscope for today:

“Today, you have to reveal all your real feelings for someone before it’s too late. See if you can tap into your deepest desires today – they are closer to the surface, so it shouldn’t be that hard! It’s a good day for action, too, so you can make some serious progress soon!”

Rajin betul I type. Can anyone interpret it for me? Hehe. It does sounds cheeky, don’t you think? Hehe.

Anyway, I read something about laughters and happiness in the paper today. The article state that children laugh on average 300 times a day! And adults, just merely 15 times. I think I laugh in between these numbers. So I’m not a child, not yet an adult (Spears Msia la…). Hehe. But it’s logical rite. Children laugh at almost anything, everything seems funny to them. Best oo..

To be happy, you need to laugh alot. Laughing is good since it’ll give us gentle workout, using muscles in the face, chest and abdomen. Although you don’t feel like laughing pon, do a fake laugh OK. And then, automatic can laugh naturally. Kita try pasni keh.. Ngee~~

Oh.. I want to continue the things that you might know and not know about me. Coz ada yang saya terlupa yesterday..

11. I salu blurr.. So if you make a joke with me, jangan heran if I’m emotionless. That means I x paham your joke T_T Memang slow~~ Adala 2 minutes like that baru I get your joke.

12. Once I bersin, I will bersin continuously.

13. I always berangan. I know it’s not good 😦 That’s why the other day, I post the ‘On things slightly more serious’ entry. Sebab sometimes the ‘thing’ is out of my control. Tapi kan.. pk2 balek, berangan good for brain stimulation. I mean brain tak pasif. Hurm.. So I think I’ll continue berangan but on things yang lagi ringan la.. 😛 Yang tidak mengeciwakan. Huhu.

OKla.. I’ll stop here.

Happy New Month!! 😀


I love Saturdayyy

Hepi Noon! 😀

It just started raining here in Betong (weather forecast la..huhu) But no effects on me. Because I have no plan for this afternoon. Dah puas beronggeng this morning ngan Miss Chai 😛 Shamila texted me asking me whether hujan or not in Betong earlier.. Because Miri hujan lebat. So I guess the awan hitam sudah terbang to Betong’s sky now. What’s the name of that awan oo.. We learnt it in Geography last time kan. I only remember something like ‘Kimolonimbus’. I know salah, tapi still mau type. Mau add word count banyak. If pendek gilak, x best entry oo.. Ngee~~ Merepek di hari Sabtu. I always like Saturday. Although for the past few weeks, hari2 pon cam Saturday. Salu saya lupa hari and date.

Anyway, had breakfast with Miss Chai di Popular about 9am. She already sampai pasar earlier. Miss Chai ada disiplin yang kuat! Bangun awal seja. Haha. Cikgu ba.. When I met her, she already pegi ‘tamu’ to buy sayur. She said she’s planning to have her marriage registration on the 09.09.09. Nice one huh.. Haih.. Sorang-sorang my friend kawin, sapa mau geng sia pastok 😦 But doesn’t matter. I wish for everyone’s happiness 🙂 Muakss (mok juak oo b’kish2 tok) Hurm.. tiba-tiba I’m planning mau target kawin 10.10.10 (25 yrs old) or 11.11.11 (26 yrs old) or 12.12.12 (27 yrs old). Then, 13.13.13 doesn’t exist 😦 Jadi dara tua la sia after that.. Kikiki

10 am. Still early. So we went for our second round of lepak-ing. Went to Layar, searching for privacy. Menjauhi bandar Betong yang busy hari Saturday. Talk giggle talk giggle talk giggle giggle giggle. We shared our stories. Until her hot air limau and my iced lemon tea abis. Conclusion: ‘Susah mau paham species laki’. Then, no 3rd round. Balik~~

So apa mau buat pasni? :S

To end this one entry, I tempek this video, “Hot N Cold” by Katy Pery. Hepi Saturday! 😀


Waiting for my updates? Yes? No? I don’t know what to talk about eh.. So mencarut saja la OK.. Ngee~

Today, I jadi good girl sikit. I finished my ‘homework’ for this week so that tomorrow I can goyang kaki. Miss Chai and me plan to have breakfast together tomorrow. Yeah!! I crave for lepak-ing and cita2. Hehe. Hopefully jadikla~~ So far, the weather sungguh mencemburui me. Everytime I plan to go out, hujan seja.. So malas mau beronggeng 😛 Ngee…

Apa lagik? No idea 😦 Later la continue.. 🙂 Hiks

😦 😦 Boring melanda jiwa 😦 😦

Jam 2300

Saya mau mencarut lagik..

Things you might know and not know about me (tiroo Nawar lagik :P) :

  1. Saya conservative. Moden memang moden but ada batas. Sayu malu mau bergaya. Saya malu pakai make-up. Basically, saya malu tukar pesen saya. Sebab saya tidak suka orang tingu saya lain macam.
  2. Saya pandai malu tak betempat. Tapi once dah tak maloo, saya tunjuk belang saya. Ya.. saya ada belang macam leopard. eh.. tiger.
  3. Saya ada banyak kawan pompuan. Tidak tahu kenapa. Tapi saya lagi selesa and senang mau rapat dengan kawan pompuan. Laki susah sikit. Maybe sebab dulu saya belajar di MRSM Kuching yang strict gila2 hal2 macam tok.
  4. Saya pompuan biasa. So saya pun ada feeling.
  5. Saya suka benda comel. Tak semestinya bulat. Square pon bulih, cam plates di Papa John’s yang dalam blog Nawar itu. Ngee..
  6. Saya ada banyak kekurangan. Banyak lagi benda saya mau blaja. Life is all about learning jugak kan.
  7. Dulu saya pk takmo kawen. Tapi sekarang tak kesah. Kawen pon bulih, tak kawen pun bulih. Tapi teringin juak mau anak yang macam my ‘imaginary adik’. Kalau amik anak angkat, kurang best oo.. 😛
  8. Saya agak kasar. Saya tidak lemah lembut (Adaka yang pk cam ya terhadap saya?)
  9. Saya kaki jalan. Saya tidak suka duduk rumah lama2.
  10. Saya suka hidup independent. Kalau saya kerja tempat jauh, saya mau duduk rumah sendirik.. Tapi ada rasa takut juak :S

Cukuplah 10 oo… To be continued.. Ngee~~ Gudnite!

Have a great weekend! 😀

Caffeinated T_T

I feel like throwing up. Dunno why. Is it because I menghadap laptop too much today? Or is it because of the 3 sachets of Regular 3in1 Nescafe I drank today? I think it’s because of the latter one. Usually, I limit myself to just 2 sachets per day. But today, no choice. It was an accident. Sot~~~ So, tomorrow, caffein-related fasting. No coffee, yes to tea. Tea pon akceli ada caffeine kan.. But exceptional la this time. Huhu.

I’m so happy. I just found out that there’s Korean Channel on Astro. Called KBS World, channel 303. Hehe. Thanks to my Mum. Ngee~~

Going to sleep earlier tonite. Gudnite!

PS: Yadaaa…….. dah 21 posts for this month! Kihkihkih.



I have truck loads of stories to share now (tiroo Nawar nyer blog’s description). Tiba2 la…kirkkk.. But before that,

Short talk:

Over my 2nd and 3rd cups of Regular 3in1 Nescafe for today.. Seriusss… x caya? Nah!

The lubang idung of the giraffe..remind me of sapa oo..kahkah
The lubang idung of the giraffe..remind me of sapa oo..ngee~~

Actually, I wrongly poured cold water in the first thinner cup containing the serbuk 3in1. Over excited I think. Haha. Sampai tak sodar.. So paksala I made 2nd cup of hot 3in1 Nescafe, to balance the hot and cold ~_~ (is there lagu yg title nya hot n cold ka?hurm..)

But this time, my little boyfren is not around. Hujan. So he slept throughout afternoon.. On my laptop case. Blerghhh…

Sekpa..White2 pon mau katil oOo...Ngee~~~
Sekpa..White2 pon mau katil oOo…Ngee~~~


OK. The story starts..

Since morning, I non-stop klak klut klak klut (my student, Omar yang ajar) meaning non-stop bjalan. Why? Because the fax I sent yesterday didn’t reach Curtin U (Saya sendirik juak yang jawab..). So basically, don’t fax through UrDream ok.. Use Serena. Walopon expensive gler T_T RM 3 per copy. I’ve sent 10 copies, so I’ve spent RM 30 on faxes today. Standard ka that price? That 10 copies pon, I didn’t send one go. First2, just the degree certificate, then I called them, they said they want my A-Levels result plak. OK.. Klak klut lagik, sent 4 copies. And then 11am, Curtin people said, they haven’t received my application form, sedangkan yesterday da emel. Tup tup, prob with their Microsoft Opis. They’re using version 2000, and the file that I sent is in 2007 version (I used UrDream punya kompiter laptop da gila2, kenot bukak Microsoft Opis. Haih.. Bertahan la for 1 year lagik yer ASUS). So, they can’t open the file la.. Broken nya English aku tok.. Ngee~~ Then, klak klut again.. Went to UrDream to print out the application form, then pigi Serena to fax it. Again.. Hepi seyh boss Serena today seeing me. Hiks. So, this morning, sambil2 I post the ‘My Adik’ entry, sambil2 I klak klut klak klut. Busy jugak orang jobless like me oo..

OK. Morning problems settled. But I have no appetite for lunch, seciput jak I makan. Ngee~~

In the afternoon, I start to feel nervous. Phone interview. Servia from Curtin called me quarter to 2pm, telling me to get ready at 2.30pm for the interview. I said OK.

So until 2.30 pm, I surf their website, in case they ask me about their Uni. My heart didn’t stop dip-dup-dip-dup-ing.

2.30pm..yawning..2.45pm..yawning yawning. Still no phone call. So I tot maybe they want to try my patience. It’s OK. Saya patient. Dip-dup-dip-dup. Most probably, they will call me at 3pm. I yawned again. Rasa lapar da. Sempat pk, what if I want to ‘kareb’ (terbalikkan huruf) in the middle of the interview? Haha. And then again,

3pm,3.05, then 3.12pm, tone Doraemon. I jumped seriously. An SMS from Shamila (Lecturer Curtin ba dia ni, my kawan since kicik)

Shamila: Udah? OK kah?

Me replied: Bdau (not yet) 😦 ka luput asaiku nganti..kuikui

Finally,3.13pm, they called. Teda perasaan dah sia. 4 women introducing themselves, and I can only catch Nor and Hashimah names. (Celcom line not very good. Takmo geng!) But basically, they are the Dean, and representatives for the Foundation Department, Physics and Maths. Normal interview questions from the Dean.

Physics. I never expect her to ask me Physics question. I mean, Physics yang detail ba.. Gosh..

She: Can you give me an example of a physic’s principle?

Silence. Terkedu.

She continued: Newton’s Law?

Oh.. I remember that one. But palak x functioning da.

Me: Oh.. the one with F=ma?

Silence again. Lam palak, how to goreng eh.. Blurr (Akceli dah blank)

Me: Can I change the principle? Archimedes’ Principle.

She: Sure

Me: Bla bla.. upthrust..bla.. object immersed in water..bla bla bla

She: Yes. The upthrust is force too. Bla bla.. do you remember 3rd law of Newton?

Silence T_T Memang suke Newton jer pompuan ni..

She: Action and reaction. Remember? Bla bla..fraction..bla bla

Me: Oh.. yea yea.. (Aok jak la. Adala sipi-sipi Fizik A-Level.. imagine lif yang ada orang lam tu..igt x?)

It didn’t end there. Maths plak.

She: Did you learn Calculus in your university years?

Calculus? Which one huh. Saya main blaja solve2 maths jak, nama malas mau ingat. Padan muka!

Me: Uhm.. I’m sure I’ve learnt it before. But, which part of Maths is that?

Hahahaha. Ngeng~~

She: Integration?

Me: Oh.. Yes. Integration and differentiation. Bla.. Bla..

OK. Dahla.. Penat da recalling back. Conclusionnya, I dunno whether the interview was OK or not. Ngee~~ I feel so much better after that. No more dip-dap-dip-dap. Now, berserah seja.. Huhu.

Then, I called Brooke Dockyard, a semi-government company in Kuching. They called me yesterday, but I couldn’t answer. Called back, but no answer from them too. I was shortlisted for the final interview with Brooke Dockyard, on Monday next week, 3pm.

Yeah! Pigi Kuching. Yayay! At least I have program for next week. I seldom got chance to go out from Betong.That’s why I never know ada ikan buntal keruk di Spaoh, ikan terubok di Pusa, and monyet belanda di Maludam 😛 Ngee~~~

Penat Penat.. See you!! 🙂

My ‘Adik’

Semang Semang Semang mau update my blog! Hihi. Semang = Semangat. Target for this month is to post more than 20 entries. So, I have only 3 January days left before February. Hoho.

No short talk again this time. And my mind got nothing to share about. Just my heart feels like sharing some photos of my imaginary ‘adik’. Huhu. Sounds scary eh? Ngee~~ So enjoy 🙂


My adik salu jatuh sbb badan x stabil..berat badan relatively besar dr ketinggian 😛

She's taller than the speaker when she was 3 yrs old plus2

She's taller than the speaker when she was 3 yrs old plus2

Eksen seja tu mau men

Eksen seja tu mau men

Part time model sabun Fab.. Ngee~~

Part time model sabun Fab.. Ngee~~





Di Tanjong Lobang.. Yaka? Lupa suda sia

Di Tanjong Lobang.. Yaka? Lupa suda sia


Smiling ngan the late nenek tersayang 🙂

Mouth pouting time Christmas 1988

Mouth pouting time Christmas 1988 :/

There are more photos I haven’t scan them yet. So sayang, gambar can rosak if album ‘berpeluh’. Paham2 la yerk. And the film, I dunno where suda 😦

OK. Take care! 🙂 See you later..

PS: I regret I sing sang the Estrella-Stay song in my heart last night. Cause of the

“Has me up all nite, I can’t fall asleep cause I keep thinking of you”

phrase. Huhu. Biarla rahsia~~ Ngee..So, tonite, I’ll sleep earlier and ganti balik my tdo-ing.


I’m in Betong. Not jadi going Miri. Hehe. Phone interview tomorrow I’m not sure what time, I forgot to ask (tupid me ~_~), so tomorrow, terperap lam rumah jadi jeruk lagik. While waiting for phone call. Hurm.. so far I have no experience of phone interview. Hopefully line OK.

Today’s line not OK. So I’m not in the mood of blogging. Maybe later. Hehe. Definition of laughters, in my opinion:

  1. Haha – Laugh out loud sambil bergolek2 (Unlimited)
  2. Hehe – Normal laugh. Sometimes, with mata yang sepet2.
  3. Hihi – Laugh sambil2 trying to be cute?
  4. Hoho – Laugh dengan hati yang puas. Or sometimes, laugh yang not ikhlasss?
  5. Huhu – Laugh with limit. Sometimes, laugh paksa2 sambil sedey2.
  6. Plus one more la :D.. Ngee – my trademark? Ngee~~ 😛

Do you think so? Ka ada mau tambah lagik?

So not in the mood. So, I nyanyi2 lam hati jak k.. 🙂


Sound straight from the twilight
Has me up all night
I can’t fall asleep ’cause I keep thinking of you
And I saw a shadow outside my window and it’s you.

All my sorrows flew away
Hush, keep quiet, hear me say
I don’t ever want you to go
Please stay
With the moonlight dancing free
And there’s no one but you and me
There’s no reason to go astray
Please stay.

Making up a story
It’s the way you’re looking at me
If you think that this is funny, it’s just you.

Try and think about it,
If you’re heart is closed don’t lock it,
Keep your keys back in your pocket,
Think this through.


Please stay with me
Just stay with me
and I will take you to Foreverland
Just stay

2008 Weddings

I’m so tempted to make a 2nd entry for today. Can I? Bukan selalu pon.. After this bila lagi saya free gila2 like this kan. Huhu. So I try to make alotlotlotlotlot :O  of post sekarang for this blog, sementara still jobless. Hehe.

Hurm.. No short story this time. Tonite, I have no mood to watch TV. Malam Selasa.. Apa yang best kan..

Suddenly, I feel like talking about my bro’s wedding last year. And then later, my best friend’s pulak yerk.

24th May 2008. First marriage of the family. Hehe. Between my bro and my best friend’s sister. Unfortunately, I was not there to witness hari bersejarah itu. Huhu. To be honest, I am a bit disappointed .. oh no.. I WAS a bit disappointed for not being able to choose whether I could attend the wedding or not. I was left with no options 😦 Plus, I’m closer to this bro than the eldest one (Boy, if you read this, anang merajuk eh..hehe. Ku sayang 2-2 abang ku ba.. Hukhuk). Sapa x sedey kan kan… Our siblings just 3 orang 😦  My exam ends on 22nd May 2008, I remember. So if I was to go back pon, just sempat for the wedding reception at Kuching. When I first got back, ada jak rasa mau sidak kawen for the 2nd time. Hehe. Merepek oo.. Hihi.

Mr and Mrs Gerald Kling Lugard

Mr and Mrs Gerald Kling Lugard

OK. Itu dulu.. Now I am no longer disappointed or sad or whatever la.. Because I’ve already have a sis-in-law yang best! Hik. I always wanted a sister where I can share the girls’ stuff, and I’ve got one. And we can get along very well. So I’m grateful for that. Maybe dah fate I cannot attend their wedding. Huhu. It’s no longer important 🙂 But for Boy’s wedding, I’ve already booked to be their bridesmaid. Haha. Ingat Boy ingat 😛 Sot~~

My best friend pulak. Puan Lim Kiew Leng. Kikiki. She got married at the age of 23 on the 27th of December 2008. 23, some of you must think that she’s too young to get married rite. But believe me, she’s mature for her age. Hehe. Although I’m 3 months older and still cam budak. Hehe. After 3 years of relationship, I think they already know each other well enough. So, it’s time for them to get married la… (Ketandusan idea T_T)

Mr and Mrs Berkely Atkin

Mr and Mrs Berkely Atkin

So, here goes my wishes to both couples:

  1. May God bless ur marriage. Remember, union of 2 persons and God as the Head of the family, OK.
  2. Pop out alotlotlotlot of cute children OK. Wahahahaha. Sia mau nieces, I can ribbon here and ribbon there. And nephews, I can cubit here and cubit there 😛

Dah… Puas hati! Gudnite!

PS: Dah sampe generasi kita kawen duhal oo.. ~_~ Hurm…

Ramble ramble

Short talk:

Did you watch CJ7 last nite? Channel 701, 8pm. Despite the alih suara (Chinese to English version), I really like it. It was hilarious and cute! hahaha. I have my own CJ7 too. Given by someone 🙂

CJ7 yg kepalanya senget..kikiki

CJ7 yg kepalanya senget..kikiki

But I will not want it to hidup la..takut seyh~~ Imagine the big big eyes staring at you *.* Then, lompat sana sini causing havoc! Last2, Ngap! Dimakan oleh Bear. Happy ending. hahaha (Awal2 dah merapu T_T)


I received SMS from my Mum this morning. Tengah siok2 tdo, bunyi tone Doraemon. She’s coming back today, earlier than expected. The reason behind it? Because yesterday I told her maybe I’m going to Miri tomorrow (Wednesday). And she’s worry of my Dad staying alone at home. So lovey-dovey eh.. haha. But believe me, she’s the most ‘perisau’ you can ever find on earth! Is there any word like pe-risau? Bukan perisai ek..Hihi.

I’m being undecided to go or not to go. Still a lot of things I haven’t settle for this week. I’m not blaming anyone. It’s my own mistake, I forgot that Monday and Tuesday are public hols. Memang rakyat Msia yg ‘baik’ kan! So I was left only 1 day to reply to Curtin U whether I want to attend the interview or not, which was last Friday. And I was still dilemma back then. I’m just thinking of the worst case tomorrow, what if I can’t do the phone interview? Hurm.. And the interview is on Thursday, 3pm. It’s impossible for me to be there on time if I go on Thursday morning, and Wednesday nite? Jangan harap my mum kasik.. So berserahla conclusion nya.. Ngee~~

So my wishes for today:

  1. Please don’t let it rain this afternoon.
  2. My friend, Edelyne. Cepatla2 you balik Betong, OK.

Because I want to lepak somewhere with her after more than 24 hours of staying in T_T Thinking of Layar (O Prince O.. ur faveret spot. Tehee)

Have a nice jumpy day! 😀

On things slightly more serious

Short talk:

Dogs are indeed man’s best friends. We have 2 pet dogs at home, Bear n Benjy. And they are most close to my Mum, because my Mum feed, mandi and sayang them more than any of us. She even talk to them T_T Uhm.. So, these few days, not seeing my Mum around, I think it makes they looked gloomy. They eat less. They bark less. They.. apa lagik? They run gila2 around less. Huhu. Dont worry boys, ur ‘mak tua’ is coming back soon. Hehe.

Today = first day of CNY. And I feel bad because me and Dad did nothing to celebrate it. No tanglung merah hanging around the house, no tulisan Cina being stick here and there on the dinding, and no open house. Huhu. I’m half Chinese, but I think the environment where I grew up, make me feel almost nothing about this celebration. Next year, hopefully I can do better to cherish this Chinese blood flowing inside me. Huhu.


Have someone tegur you before, saying you’re tiba2 smiling to urself? Out of the blues. Staring into the air, then tiba2 mulut cam pacik McD. Menghadap buku or laptop or handphone, then suddenly senyum cam orang sot. I know it’s embarassing gila2, but I confess, saya salu kena tegur ~_~ .. for the past few weeks. Maloo.. Huhu. (Xpa, bukan da org lain pon yg baca this blog :P)

Honestly, my mind and heart weren’t there if you see me smiling yg tetiba itu. Dah jauh melayang. Actually, there’s this one thing that keeps me thinking for the past few weeks (or months :/), and it scares me now because I think, I think way tooooo much! Huhu. Not gonna tell you what it is. Hehe. Biarlah rahsia (bak kata Datuk Siti) Hihi.

So, I’m taking the first step of pemulihan for me starting from today. Self-control. I will try not to follow hati dan perasaan too much. Control control. Huhu. Time for me to grab myself and shake, shake, shake. Wake up! Memang cam merapu kan.. But apakan daya.. I dunno how to express this feeling. But one thing for sure, I dont want to get frustrated at the end of the day. Huhu.

Abaikan.. 🙂

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